Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to Install P1000XWJQ8 Android 2.3.6 Firmware Update on Galaxy Tab GT-P1000

Here's a detailed instruction on how to flash Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 using the original stock firmware P1000XWJQ8 and upgrade it to Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. The P1000XWJQ8 was officially released in selected Europe countries so far, this is packed in android 2.3.6 Gingerbread and upgrade from Android 2.3.3 a couple of months ago. This procedure is a manual method to upgrade the Galaxy Tab to the latest firmware build P1000XWJQ8 by using Odin if having an issue upgrading from Kies or you can't upgrade if you're outside for that particular country.. This method is so simple for advance users but a little bit risky for beginners in some part.

Disclaimer: " shall not be responsible for anything happens to your device by following this method. This method is for advance users only that are already experienced in tweaking firmwares on their android devices. Use this method at your own risk!"

Make Preparation before flashing:
- Back-up all important data stored in your device (this is important to keep all your data in safe, if something went wrong)
- Ensure that the battery is fully charge (power lose may interupt the process and might brick the device in no time)
- Galaxy Tab USB cable wire - a good conditioned USB wire.
- A PC/laptop with working USB port that runs in Windows OS, this will not work on Mac users)
- Install Kies on your PC just to get the driver of the TAb, or grab the driver.
- Disable any antivirus program, and also Kies if you have it installed.
- If your device currently installed with custom ROM you may need to ask your ROM developer first before directly install back to these factory stock ROM. Just to get rid of any issues after flashing.

Check your device current system info and download the matched firmware for it.
How to check your Galaxy Tab Device system details.
Model Number: Go to – Settings > About > Model Number

Android Version: Go to – Settings > About >
Android Version 2.3.6

Product Code: dial this code > *2767*4387264636#
GT-P1000ZKMBMC (the last three digit letters  refers to the device country product code)

Firmware build: dial this code > *#1234#
CSC: P1000O2UJQ3

Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 Original Stock ROM/Firmware P1000XWJQ8

Choose the right P1000XWJQ8 stock Firmware below according to your country or carrier providers. All of these stock ROM were compatible to install with all European version of Galaxy Tab GT-P1000, but you need to select the right stock ROM that match  with your device - unbranded or carrier branded.  I also added other firmware build that were also the latest  Android 2.3.6 Firmware Upgrade for Galaxy Tab P1000, and the flashing method is also the the same.

You can also grab other country  latest official firmware updates for Galaxy Tab P1000 if somehow not included on this list below:

Phone: P1000XXJPZ
Android version: 2.3.6
Download: P1000XWJQ8/P1000ATOJQ1/P1000XXJPZ/P1000XWJQ8

Phone: P1000XXJPZ
Android version: 2.3.6
Download: P1000XWJQ8/P1000PROJQ1/P1000XXJPZ/P1000XWJQ8

Phone: P1000XXJPZ
Android version: 2.3.6
Download: P1000XWJQ8/P1000DBTJQ1/P1000XXJPZ/P1000XWJQ8

Germany (O2)
Phone: P1000XXJPZ
Android version: 2.3.6
Download: P1000XWJQ8/P1000VIAJQ1/P1000XXJPZ/P1000XWJQ8

Product Code: GT-P1000CWAPHN
Phone: P1000XXJPZ
Android version: 2.3.6
Download: P1000XWJQ8/P1000PHNJQ1/P1000XXJPZ/P1000XWJQ8

Product Code: GT-P1000CWAAUT
Phone: P1000XXJPZ
Android version: 2.3.6
Download: P1000XWJQ8/P1000AUTJQ1/P1000XXJPZ/P1000XWJQ8

United Kingdom (O2)
CSC: P1000O2UJQ3
Phone: P1000XXJPZ
Android version: 2.3.6
Download: P1000XWJQ8/P1000O2UJQ3/P1000XXJPZ/P1000XWJQ8

Other firmware builds in Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread packed.
Croatia (T-Mobile)
Phone: P1000BOJP1
Android version: 2.3.6
Download: P1000BOJQ3/P1000CROJPA/P1000BOJP1/P1000BOJQ3

Greece (Vodafone)
Phone: P1000BUJQ1
Android version: 2.3.6
Downaload: P1000BUJQ3/P1000VGRJQ1/P1000BUJQ1/P1000BUJQ3

Italy (TIM)
Phone: P1000XXJPZ
Android version: 2.3.6
Download: P1000AIJQ1/P1000TIMJQ1/P1000XXJPZ/P1000AIJQ1

Download Page Here

How to: Odin Flashing Procedure For Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000

Download tools:
Odin3 Downloader Tool
USB Driver for Galaxy Tab

1) Once you downloaded the right stock firmware for you device, extract it using winrar, 7zip or any other program to have the single .tar.md5 file.
2) Run Odin on your desktop.
3) Check the PDA checkbox and tick the PDA button and then load the extracted P1000XWJQ8_P1000XXJPZ_P1000DBTJQ1_HOME.tar.md5. (No pit repartition necessary if you have your device runs in original firmware)
(Pit file is only needed for advacne users who installed their device with any custom ROMs and getting an error flashing official firmware.
4) Ensure that the "REPARTION" checkbox mark empty, just only the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time remains to be checked.

How to Flash and install P1000XWJQ8 android 2.3.6 on Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 using Odin
(With Pit file - for those who currently runs from unofficial firmware; Check these: Re-Partition -  just add  the P1000_mr.pit file in the PIT button section)

Install P1000XWJQ8 android 2.3.6 Odin Flashing with Pit file

5) Set the Galaxy Tab into download mode - Turn it Off first then gently Press and Hold the Volume Down And Power Button together at the same time.

How to boot Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 into Download Mode screen
6) Once the tab displays in download mode screen, connect the USB cable. Check Odin if the ID:COM turns in yellow color and message say 'Added!' (it means that the device is properly connected and already recognized with Odin)
Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 Odin Flashing step 2: Install P1000XWJQ8 Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread on
7) Hit the "START" button to begin flashing or installing the firmware.
 DO NOT TOUCH the phone while in flashing process, just wait until it completely finishes.

8.)  A word "PASS" on Odin window will then appear as if the flashing succefully done. Wait until the tablet completly reboots., before removing the USB cable.

Flashing P1000XWJQ8 Odin done successfully completes

Do a factory reset, *2767*3855#  to regain a full fresh firmware installed. Then confirm the newly installed firmware *#1234#.
That's it..

I have the following errors, what should I do?
Q: Im stuck at these point.
<ID:0/003> Added!!
<ID:0/003> Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
<ID:0/003> File analysis..
<ID:0/003> Set PIT file..
<ID:0/003> Get PIT for mapping..

A: That error may only happens if your device previously installed other custom ROMs. These are some methods to solved it. It
- Check and reinstall the driver.
- Plug the cord into another port and let windows rediscover the phone.
- Try to use other PC or laptop, some issues may occurs on a 64 bit windows try to emulated a virtual machine and installed windows xp 32 bit.

Q: I experience bootloop and or stuck in Samsung logo after flashing.
A: To solve that issue just boot the Tab in recovery mode; Turn it Off then gently Press the Volume Up and Power buttons, then select Wipe Data/Factory Reset using the volume keys to scroll and home button to select. After that Reboot the Tab again.How to set Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 into Recovery  Mode

Flash DBDATA tar file, if still stuck on Welcome screen logo

- Grab this DBData file and flash it under PDA section same process as above.

Any question and suggestion are most welcome, just drop it on our comments form below.


  1. hey ...
    um i have
    product code GT-P1000CWAITV ... i don't know where this belongs to ...

    and firmware build

    what should i do ??? can i install another firmware of any other region ..??? if i can then how to ???

  2. Its Italian firmware build, Yes! you can also install other Europe country firmware like Austria and Germany for it also has Italian support language.
    All Europe firmware is compatible with each other either which country you are at because it includes all European languages. Just remember the default APN settings of you phone, because it will be reset once you install other country stock, so then you will be able to easily reconfigure it back.

    Make sure that you select an unbranded stock if you have unbranded or SIM free Galaxy Tab as well... Do not install carrier branded stock ROM for you are also going to install the default settings and apps for that said mobile network operator, like logo etc. lol!

  3. i have the same firmware too
    I am confused i have heard a lot it needs root before flashing
    is that necessary?
    if the answer is yes then how to root
    thanks a lot

  4. BTW I am on 2.3.3
    is fine to flash this firmware or not ???

  5. Hi Wing,
    Rooting is not necessary to flash original stock ROM.
    Yes! its fine to flash, if you are truly sure how this things exactly works. If you have any doubt, I suggest you may need to make a careful research first before attempting to use this guide.

  6. I've tried to update but stuck on the Samsung logo after flashing.
    After I boot in recovery mode there is this message:
    Applying multi-csc
    installing multi-csc
    'can't access to /system/csc/MOB/system/'
    succesfully applied multi-CSC

    and after wipe data/factory reset there is this message:
    E:format_volume: rfs format failed on /dev/block/stI10

    What to do? Flashing with a PIT file? This phone is a austria version (bought on the internet) with CSC MOB. And I am installing the Dutch version (PHN).

  7. Problem Solved. In this other 'How To' it is described that you also have to flash a dbdata.tar file. After I did that the P1000 booted into 2.3.6!

  8. hi , i have a problem i tried to root with odin on a Gt P1000 and it failed , now i have on my screen an cell phone and a pc and it stucked , can you help me ?

  9. Find your previous firmware build version or post it here... Use that method above, its exactly the same for fixing that "screen a cell phone and a pc" problem..

  10. The problem is that i don't have any previous firmware , how can i get one ? thanks

  11. From which country you are at? I will try to find you the exact firmware if there's available.

  12. i'm from Romania thank you

  13. Here's the original Romania Stock ROM: its 2.3.3 but good enough to fix your soft-bricked P1000..

  14. thank you i'll try . i hope i will make it

  15. hi again now i have another problem the screen with cell and the pc is flicking

  16. Your device already has another kernel, this came from the root kernel you used before you got the soft-bricks.
    Try this - remove the battery in a few seconds, then perform factory reset method option.
    Flash again the original stock ROM.. this is the only thing i can suggest for which I do not have any idea what root method you used before.

  17. I want upgrade my galaxy tab7 2.3.3 to 2.3.6. I'm from srilanka and my tab details like this.How can I select correct firmware to my tab. Plz help me.



  18. Well, there's no update for that version yet.. Same with your nearby countries, like India,Bangladesh,Nepal etc..

  19. please help me
    i have the gt-p1000 and i am from nigeria. how do i update

  20. hi, mine is P1000JXJI4, and P1000JVJJ1 PDA. which of the updates is appropriate for me?
    Thank you in anticipation.

  21. hello , i have a problem ,if u can help me , I need it because I did all but after reboot stay stoped tu samsung start write. I did recovery but nothing .....pleaseeee contact me

  22. i have do given uper step but still i have problem in my gt-p1000 device
    it say e:recovery.log file cant access
    i dont get the screen on tab come only samsung logo
    many times i have doing this type of step but no result
    pl hlep me .............

  23. Thanks for sharing, justed fixed my tab also!

  24. Hey!

    I was on cm- mod 9 ICS 4.0.1, and I wanted a restore. I did everything just as it was written, but after the flashing, my tab just stucks on the system recovery page. It says: update media, please waite
    E:can't mount /dev/block/stl10
    (invalid argument)
    E: copy_dbdata_media:Can't mount DBDATA:

    your storage not prepared yet, please use UI meni for format and reboot actions.
    copy default media content failed.

    I tried to reboot it, it showed me a yellow triangle with a droid, then it hit the home button twice, and it started to reboot, but it got stuck at the Samsung logo. Same with the factory reset.

    Any idea? :(

  25. To resolve that issue simply flash DBDATA files. Get it here on my very old blog..

  26. downloaded GT-P1000 - Australia (Optus) firmware from sammobile site and try to Flash it to my p1000 tab using odin3, but after "Hidden" files installation nothing happened. tab is in download mode with a status bar appearing. and odin3 software showing progress on "Hidden". what should I do now?

  27. "Hidden" means you are onto the progress of flashing the files "hidden system image" (hidden.img file).
    If it was stuck and failed to flash. It happens oftentimes. So, there is nothing to worry about.. Just repeat and try to flash again.

  28. it failed!, now it won't open pls help! :/

  29. Just repeat the process..

  30. I just installed the stock 2.3.6 android (dutch version). But right now my Tab P1000 keeps starting up, the samsung logo is animating, but nothing happands. I also did the installation a few times on different ways. Please help me! I want to use my tab again! (before this it worked on Cyanogen Mod 10 (4.0.4 version)

  31. Simply Perform Factory reset.

  32. please help me my name is victor I have GT-P1000 and after upgrading my firmware toP1000xxjk5 now is cant go on stand by and it cant open any webside if I click on browser it go off or on google it go off please hel me

  33. I am i zambia and I would like to ask what is the original firmware for andr 2.2 GT1000

  34. Is that an Optus stock ROM? Anyway, simply fix it by flashing this "dbdata" under Odin's PDA button.

  35. Excellent Post. Mission succesful

  36. Thanks i follow all d instruction and went fine but did not reboot so going to recovery mode is saying that the i should format the E: with UI hw can i wrk on the internal or format the internal MMC need response fast pls

  37. I just updated this post post, grab the DBDATA tar file and flash it. It will resolved your issues.

  38. WOW!!!! it works perfectly thanks for the quick response am so happy pls can i go ahead and install custom ROM like android jelly bean 4.2.1 on it

  39. Thank You So Much! It works and i like it :D

  40. hi i did everything u said but when i wipe it of it shows Erorr : rfs format failed
    so i wanted to flash dbd data but odin wont read it :/

  41. Hi.
    The attempt to flash was unsuccessful as it said fail when it finished and now, the screen is stuck on an image that looks like there is an improper connection between the device and computer.
    Now, it appears as green when added on odin, not yellow suitable for flashing the ROM.
    Please help.

  42. Hi guys! My gt-p1000 has an issue with video playback, any video files stored in its memory are not supported and cannot be played by any of video players. So, I tried to upgrade this my phone from the italian version 2.3.3 to british xeu 2.3.6 by means of Odin to resolve this problem. During flashing, my device stuck on HIDDEN.rfs, so I had to disconnect it from the computer after long time awaiting. I got the device bricked but could manage to unbrick it with a special software. Now, interface of the screen has changed (some extra icons appeared) but the software version left the same.Could you advise me how to upgrade the software for a newer firmware or how to resolve mentioned above problem with video playback?
    Thank you

  43. Peter Agboro
    I have downloaded all the required files to flash my Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000, its original Firmware is Froyo 2.2 that came with the Tablet, it has not been upgrade to Ginger Bread 2.3.3, can I upgrade to this Ginger Bread 2.3.6? Please let me from you before I flash my Galaxy

  44. I've flashed my Samsung Galaxy GT-P1000 with the Ginger Bread 2.3.6 firmware but I'm stuck with the Tab rebooting & rebooting continuously, I've followed the instructions of booting the Device into Recovery Mode by pressing the Volume-Up button +Power button together & used the Volume Up & Down to scroll to "Wipe/Factory Reset" but the "Home Button" which the instruction said I should use to accept that option does not work in Recovery Mode. Am I not pressing Home key well? The Home key a hard switch rather it is soft switch which is only activated after a full boot but my Device is not booting fully before looping back to restart rebooting again. What should I do?

  45. flash ADB boot image..

  46. I do not know what's ADB Boot Image, where can I download the ADB Boot Image? Can anyone out there send me the Download link so that I grab it flash the Boot Image? I'm stuck at the Restarting or Booting loop at Samsung Logo, can't boot up to Android Ginger Bread 2.3.6

  47. It stated at the bottom of this post.

  48. I couldn't find it at the bottom of this post. I'm just lost, I read everything below, nothing resemble ADB

  49. hi im from australia and i cant do anything for what this guide wants as in my tab starts up and wont go past the samsung logo i can get it into download mode and the part where u can format it ect can you please either do it with me on skype or something i need help really bad the other day i managed to get the os on it to 95% then odin came up with failed thats as close as i have gotten to getting it working please help me :)

  50. hi, i'm from Nigeria, my p1000 was updated to 2.3.6, but dont get networ again. pls what will i do, Again when i boot to download mode, it writs.....
    E:failed to mount /efs [invalid argument]
    E:chec _selective_file:can't mount /efs
    --Appling multi-CSC.....
    E:failed to mount /efs [invalid argument]
    E:multi_csc:can't mount /efs
    multi-csc applied failed. pls help me.
    than s!

    PDA: P1000DDJK3
    PHONE: P1000DDJJ1
    CSC: P1000DDJJ1
    FIRMWARE: 2.2
    Build Number: FROYO.DDJK3
    Kernel Version:
    Could you please give me suggestions on how to Upgrade my Galaxy Tab to an up to date newer version?

  52. Hi, I have a Galaxy Tab P1000 bought in India. I installed and successfully used for a while Custom ROM Kit-Kat (nightly ). I then tried to go back to previous version but got stuck on bootloop. At the same time CWM removed itself. Now I flashed using Odin v3 for a T-mobile version and again bootloop! stuck on SAMSUNG logo. Will try your method now with these files. If it doesn't work what then?

  53. Hi

    l'm Looking For The Froyo Original Stock Rom For The Galaxy GT P-1000 The Country Code UNITED KINGDOM/IRELAND-XEU [GT P-1000CWAXEU]

    email me if you can help thx -

  54. Hello Droid Angel

    I Need The Original Stock Rom For Galaxy Tab [GT-P1000CWAXEU] The Carrier Was AT&T.Want To Go Back To Froyo Reflash To Gingerbred.Flash Happy Wants To revamp His Tab Before Hot Roding It Again.If You Can Get These Files Send As Email Attachment Thx