Wednesday, February 22, 2012

N7000XXLB1 Android 2.3.6 (Germany) Firmware Update for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Released

New firmware update for Samsung Galaxy note in Germany officially rolled via Kies server. The firmware build number is N7000XXLB1  packed in Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread). The build date was on 2012, February 17, and upgrade from previous build N7000XXLA4 which is also an Android 2.3.6 version. This preferably for better, enhancement and performance update since it is still on 2.3.6. Some few changes I have notice is the lock icon becomes bigger, a slight increase in performance; the scroll runs smoothly (but not so noticeable from previous changes ), opening App's becoming faster.
Otherwise, I also noticed that the voice control works a bit better now and I think that the Samsung keyboard in portrait mode again become slightly larger compared from the last update.
Samsung Galaxy Note Firmware update Kies Official release N7000XXLB1 Android 2.3.6
Firmware info:
Product Code: GT-N7000ZBADBT
Newest firmware: N7000XXLB1/N7000OXALB1/N7000XXLB1/N7000XXLB1
Build/Modified: 2/17/2012 12:06:54 PM
Download: Use Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update

The stock is available for advance users only, It is an Odin flashable firmware and can only manually installed and upgrade the Galaxy Note using Odin instead of Kies.


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