Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bell Canada Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000M Firmware Update and Stock ROMs list

Here's a list of official firmware update released for Bell Canada Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000M.  Bell's carrier firmware build is different from Rogers GT-P1000R and the international version GT-P1000 Galaxy Tablets.  The GT-P1000M Galaxy Tab was powered with Android v2.2.1 Froyo since it's released but then upgraded to Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread in just a couple of months. There are no certain reports from Samsung that this tablet is upgradeable to Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich. Probably , due to its lack of hardware capability issue in handling the said ICS firmware upgrade.

Bell Canada Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000M firmware update and stock ROM

Bell Canada Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000M Firmware Update

The last update was around July 2011,  an upgrade to Gingerbread from the old Froyo Android platform. Up to now there is no new firmware update released by Samsung. To Check your GT-P1000M tablet’s firmware just dial this code *#1234# in the type pad or Go to>Settings>About>Firmware info.

Model: Samsung Galaxy Tab  GT-P1000M
Country/Carrier: Canada Bell
Product Code: GT-P1000ZKMBMC
Latest firmware: P1000MUGKF6/P1000MBMCKF6/P1000MUGKF6/P1000MUGKF6
Build date: June 23, 2011

Firmware info:
Firmware version: Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread
Baseband version: P1000MUGKF6
Kernal version:
build number: Gingerbread.UGKF6

Phone: P1000MUGKF6

Bell Canada Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000M Original Stock ROM.
This is the official, original and unmodified stock Firmware for Bell's Galaxy Tab P1000M. This ROM is only flashable on GGT-P1000M only, and cannot be used on other variants like the Rogers GT-P1000R and GT-p1000 global version, to avoid any functionality issues  for it contains the default applications and setting for Bell carrier only. Just use the stock ROM at your own risk. It may only useful to return back your device to original firmware when you have it installed a modified ROMs and or fixing unwanted soft-bricks.

Bell Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000M Original Firmware with product code GT-P1000ZKMBMC
Stock ROM: P1000MUGKF6/P1000MBMCKF6/P1000MUGKF6/P1000MUGKF6

We will try to add more on this list if ever there are any newest firmware updates for Bell Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000M release.


  1. From a personal standpoint, the GT 1000M I have from Bell WILL take on ICS...or at least, the AOKP variant...(I think there are others, but have yet to look, verify and try those...).

    It's a mixed bag with ICS AOKP. While it appears on the surface that there are no outward issues with hardware...GPS functions, wireless functions, modem functions (Bell users need to use the JJ7 modem from Bell that is not included in the AOKP info and download links I found), camera (still and video), sound and the like. In short, it works normally.

    That is where it stops however. Initially I had issues with the external ram...could not read the contents where it normally resides. Users need to back up one level and view the EMMS folder to access the external ram. But, the card has to be unmounted (in the OS itself) and remounted to view the contents. It took me some time to figure that out, there was no documentation stating this. Hell, I had to glean from a half dozen different pages on the whole thing to find out the correct method of installing ICS. Some were misleading, in making the user perform unnecessary steps (wasted time), incorrect information in all of them such as which firmware to use on the device (there are a couple variants) based on the P1000M itself, bad links to specific needed files (or password protected links)...I digress....

    Issues I encountered had more to do with ICS compatibility...or at least this build had issues in that arena for some of the maps with nav for example, kept crashing upon opening. Other apps like Nitrodesk Touchdown or Astro File Manager, both an extent...that is, the full GUI I was accustomed to in Gingerbread in both apps was missing elements...not minor ones, major menu bar in both was missing...Touchdown, no matter what I tried, I could not get the dual pane function to work (upper portion was the emails in my box, lower was for reading the contents of the selected upper portion).

    Titanium backup was mostly useless. While I had backups of everything prior to wiping and installing ICS, recovering those apps and settings failed...doing both at once would give a failure message, doing just the app, it said it succeeded, but the app was not seen in the apps screen.

    What I suspect might have been ultimately the issue was the new location of the external memory mentioned earlier, along with something about permissions settings discussed on the developer pages, something I admit I have not fully explored yet.

    Suffice to say, while I got it up and running, I could not use the apps I primarily needed to get the most out of the tablet.

    There is some work to be done for certain...and I had not really taken the time as yet to figure out the fixes I needed to make those apps work correctly...I am sure these things can be done.

    But in the end, ICS ROM itself certainly DOES work on the P1000M hardware...Bell just cannot be bothered...and I am not surprised...they have a vested interest to sell next gen hardware, not dwell on outdated hardware like the P1000M tablet...especially if there is no profit in it for them to do so.

  2. Hello, using Stock ROM: P1000MUGKF6/P1000MBMCKF6/P1000MUGKF6/P1000MUGKF6 to flash my Bell GT-P1000M with ordin from Ver 2.2, unit got stuck at the Samsung Logo, will not reboot, try Kies, cannot connect stuck in developer mode, any suggestion please

  3. Fix it via Recovery Mode. Wipe data/factory reset. That occurred when you forgot factory reset after installation.

  4. How to get to the recovery mode, it stuck at the Samsung logo when turn on. I am very new to this. Thanks

  5. Turn it Off, then press and hold "volume up and Power button" at the same time. You will then taken into recovery mode. Use volume keys to toggle and then select 'Wipe data/Factory reset', use power button to enter.

  6. I done that, it shown
    in wiping data.....
    Formatting /data...
    Formatting /dbdata...
    E:format_volume:rfs format failed on /dev/block/stl10
    Formatting /cache...
    Data wipe complete.

    reboot system now, still stuck at the samsung logo


  7. Search deeper in different forum, find out just have to flash dbdata, afterward all system restarted. working fine with the Ver.2.3.3
    Thanks for all your help DroidAngel