Saturday, May 12, 2012

AT&T and Rogers HTC One X LTE Stock RUU (Evita ROM Update Utility Download)

This is the original Stock RUU (Rom Update Utility) for HTC One X LTE branded versions released in AT&T USA, Rogers Canada and all other international version of HTC One X with built in LTE capability. To avoid any confusion the HTC One X LTE and the international version without LTE uses a different firmware build. They run with different firmware because of the different hardware specifications - SoC (Qualcomm S4 Krait dual core processor vs. Tegra3 Quad core processor). They might look identical, but a lot difference in firmware, for international version of HTC One X codenamed as Endeavor and the HTC One X LTE codenamed as Evita. The official model names are the HTC One X S720e for the international version and HTC One X X325e for the LTE.

I have posted the Endeavor Stock RUU here for all HTC One X (international) non-LTE version users, to avoid any confusion. The list below are consists of HTC One X LTE AT&T/Rogers and the (international with LTE) version RUU's.

Note: this list maybe outdated  and may we have no time to update, just check on link below for more newest RUU builds.

HTC One X LTE: Evita Stock RUU Download

RUU_Evita_UL_ATT_US_1.44.502.1_Radio_0.15.3201.09_release_249105.exe RUU_Evita_UL_Cingular_US_1.52.502.1_Radio_0.15.3201.16_10.71.32.05L_release_250728_signed.exe
md5: 63d903db858667b82b5186456d0039c1

Rogers HTC One X LTE RUU

HTC One X LTE Asia


Download RUU Here!

How to flash or install the stock RUU?

Flashing the Stock RUU is your last resort if you somehow messed up your device or screwed up while flashing any zip.file and want to recover from - like dead-boot jammed, bootloops and softbricks.
Follow this instruction here at XDA-Developer, to learn more about using the stock RUU properly.


  1. I tried flashing my HTC One X from rogers to using the factory stock ROM, and followed the directions provided on XDA-Developer. Nothing really happened to my phone. Actually nothing happened.

    The file listed above is a ZIP, so I can't launch the RUU as instructed. There is no .exe file within the zip.

    I'm failry tech savvy, but I'm at an empas at the moment. Is there an easier way of doing this, or more detailed instructions.

  2. My HTC one xl AT&T got broken when try to root. Now the unit get the "can´t mount SDCARD". I downloaded the RUU for evita AT&T but t errors during flash: invalid rom version. My evita has the system 1.14.002. What can I do?

  3. I need the ruu of my htc one xl evita_utl (1.01.401.03) any help?can u provide me with this ruu?

    Thank u

  4. No RUU available for that version Evita_UTL 1.01.401.03. It signifies to a Middle East HTC One XL devices and I don't know why HTC did not released it.

  5. Link not work (((
    Have same at&t evita, but not have same stock ROM