Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to Update Samsung Galaxy Player YP-G70 (International) to Android 2.3.6 Firmware

Another Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread firmware update for Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 YP-G70 international version just recently released by Samsung. The new firmware build number is G70XXKPL (GINGERBREAD.XXKPL), this is the most latest update from the previous build G70XXKPH 2.3.6 Gingerbread.

The update is now release in Europe countries and available on Kies and via OTA notification or you can manually check your phone's settings>about>firmware info and then check for software update.

G70XXKPL Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread

Firmware info: (by typing code *#1234)

Model Number:  YP-G70 Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0
Firmware version: 2.3.6 Gingerbread
Kernal Version: se.infra@SEI-27 #2
Build Date: 4/30/2012 5:42:23 PM

For those who can't update on Kies and still running on 2.2 froyo, you can still manually upgrade by using the original G70XXKPL stock ROM. The guide below will show you a simple step by step procedure on how to manually flash or install the G70XXKPL Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread firmware on Samsung Galaxy Player YP-G70 or called as Galaxy S Wifi 5.0.  On this method, we are using Odin downloader and the  original stock ROM G70XXKPL from Samsung’s Kies official firmware released in France.

This procedure can only be applied to a  specific variant of Galaxy Player released in Europe countries with product code YP-G70CW. This WILL NOT WORK on other multimedia player like the Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.0 YP-G1CW, Galaxy Player 50 YP-G50CW and the US versions Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 YP-G1CWY and Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 YP-G70C/NAW. So, just check first your device product information before applying this guide, for it will harm your device in no time if you use the ROMs as stated here.

Disclaimer: We shall not be held responsible if anything happens to your device by applying this method. Proceed at your own risk.

- Back up all important files stored on the player, contacts, messages, videos, music etc.
- Make sure your Galaxy player’s battery is fully charge, this will avoid risk of power failure that may result risk of softbricks.
- You need to have Kies installed on your PC/laptop, to have the driver of your player also installed on your computer or grab the driver then disable Kies when running Odin.
- Enable USB Mode: Settings > Applications > Development then select "USB Debugging"
- Use a good and working USB cable for your Galaxy S Wifi 5.0

Grab this:
Odin Downloader – Odin3 v1.82
Driver: Samsung driver (install it first if no Kies installed on your PC/laptop)

How to install or Flash G70XXKPL Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread Stock ROM

(Official Firmware Update released May 2012) .

Grab the French stock ROM, just change the text and language settings according desired native language after installing. This packaged includes all European languages.

Product Code: YP-G70CWXEF
Version: Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread
Date: April 30, 2012
Stock Firmware Download:

1. Extract the downloaded file in a separate folder, then you’ll see the two files such as;
SS.DLL (not to be use but do not delete it, its a file extension)

Extracted G70XXKPL Samsung Galaxy Player Stock ROM look like this

2. Run Odin3 v1.82
3. Click on the PDA button then select and load the

Odin Guide for Samsung Galaxy Player YP-G70XXKPL step-1

DO NOT mark check the ‘Re-Partition’ checkbox, the F-Reset Time and Auto Reboot are only the ones remained to have check on it.

4. Re-boot the Galaxy Player into download mode: Turn it Off then -
press and hold the “Power key, Volume down and Home” button at the same time
5. Once the ID:COM turns in yellow color, connect the phone to PC. You will then see a message “Added” on Odin’s log-box.
6. Simply, click the “Start” button and wait until the flashing finishes. Do not touch nor interrupt the process to avoid bricking your device.

Odin Flashing Samsung Galaxy Player

7. A word “PASS” will then appear in Odin when it’s successfully installed the firmware. Wait until the device completely reboot, then it’s a safe time to unplug it from the computer.

Once the phone completely reboots, perform wipe/factory reset to get a fresher firmware installation get rid of bootloops issues.
1. Hold Power and Volume Up together, this will switch the device into recovery mode.
2. Release Power after holding it for a second but continue to hold the Volume Up button until recovery menu appears.

Select wipe cache
Select wipe data/factory reset.
Select reboot

You may then need to change the language settings or re-configure the APN settings if encountered WiFi connection issues.
That’s it. You can still use this guide for future upgrade with other stock ROM or official firmware build for Samsung Galaxy Player.


  1. my device don't want to boot, it just go samsung logo and that after few seconds goes animation and that's what it dose all the time

  2. Now it works , i put it in recovery mode and than I reset the phone, thanks man ! ;D

  3. Guys, please check what you are posting.
    Galaxy Player has no dial option to make factory reset.

  4. In Odin says fail every time i try help mee

  5. upgrade it on kies...

  6. Awen: you should wait, first see on your screen (device) appears a logo (table-connecting-pc) then connect your device on your pc. After that click start then done.

  7. My one failed and bricked then i have put a new kernel on on odin3 and now the screen goes on and off then goes black all the time even if i turn it off :// help

  8. I can't help you if you can't specify which kernel you use. Anyway, as long you can still enter into Download mode, that post above is also a method in fixing soft-bricks. Its a original stock ROM that posses an original or official stock kernel.

  9. The process finished like the picture you show (A word “PASS” will then appear in Odin when it’s successfully installed the firmware.). But the device TurnOFF and not turn ON again. pliz Help

  10. I've been stuck on FroYo for ages, and Kies (crapware) always insists that my player has the latest Firmware.
    I followed your instructions (very clear and very precise - KUDO'S for that), and my player updated in less than 10 minutes.
    Thank you VERY, VERY much!

  11. I tried to execute the Odin3 v1.82 file but it's a RAR file and my PC doesn't know what to do with it. Please advice. Thank you in advance for your help.

  12. unrar or unzip it so that you'll get the Odin3 v1.82.exe file, then run.. lol!

  13. i update my yp-g70 to verzion 2.3.6 verzion as you istructed,everything went good,but after reseting home,back and menu button dont work anymore,they dont react,touch screen works,but those buttons do not,what to do,because like this device is usules,i cant go to home page,on the previus page,help please

  14. please help no matter what i try odin will not detect my player in download mode

  15. Try to use another USB cable, update the driver. etc... If it still won't detect, just decline proceeding using this method.

  16. Hello!

    The Odin has found 2 ID:COM : 08 and 13. I have flashe the 08 nothing else. Should be a problem in future?

  17. I was a bit confused on how to enter recovery mode in step 7.
    It turns out you have to turn the device off and:
    Hold volume-up AND the home-key, while turning on the device using the power-button, keep holding the volume-up and home-key until the device enters the recovery mode.

    It may be different on you device, but this is what worked on mine.

    Other than that, GREAT tutorial and thank you very much. I love Samsung but Kies is terrible!

  18. gostaria q me disse-se o q aconteceu ao meu samsung galaxy wifi 5,0 estava a actualizalo e o meu filho desconectou o cabo usb , a mini tablet desligou e nunca mais ligou

  19. i have model YP-G70, firmware 2.2.2 kernel version se.infra@SEI-27#1 build FROYO.XXXD6. Can this version be upgraded?

  20. yes there is a reset button or hard reset button to be exact,

    Just press The (home key, shutdown button and the + volume) at the same time while turning your phone ON, then reset

  21. i have model YP-G70, firmware 2.2.2 kernel version se.infra@SEI-27#1 build FROYO.XXXD6. Can this version be upgraded using instructions on this page?

  22. ...perfect until the last step (recovery mode). An 'OK Key' is required to enter the selections, but THERE IS NOT SUCH BUTTON in the model YP-G70! Just Vol Up/Down and On/Off. I couldn't complete the procedure and all the subsequent boots return to the recovery mode.

  23. The in recovery mode, Home or Power ON/Off button is the OK key substitutes

  24. I tried both... power button is just to switch off and Home is not recognized in this mode. Conclusionn (so far): upgrade not possible from 2.3.5 firmware. tks!

  25. YP-G70CW/NEE worked as expected... Thanks a lot for this guide!! :-)

  26. worked in 2.47 minutes.perfect

  27. how do I root this Android version 2.3.6 Gingerbread on G70XXKPL not find, please

  28. I have my device rooted
    If I do this, will I can root the device again?
    And, what will be better in the YP-G70 with the 2.3.6? I have 2.3.5.
    Thank you

  29. The link to the Official Firmware Update released May 2012 has been shut down - Do you know anywhere else I can get it from? (I've obviously searched high and low for it).

    My model is the UK YP-G70, firmware 2.2.2 kernel version se.infra@SEI-27#1 build FROYO.XXXD6. Can this version be upgraded using instructions on this page? I think it should be OK but could you advise?

    Many Thanks


  30. The Link for XXKPL is broken, do you have any other online storages ?

  31. Which one do are you looking for ? XXKPL or XXKPH ?

  32. Can we upgrade to Jelly bean for this device? already have the firmware version 2.3.6 Gingerbread