Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 ICS 4.0.3,4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware Update (Kies Official Release) list

Here's a fully updated list of Samsung Galaxy Note official ICS Ice Cream Sandwich firmware update releases on each specific countries from Samsung Kies official firmware server. The Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade has already been build and ready for release anytime from now in your country or by your carrier providers. The first official Galaxy Note ICS released took place in Germany on May 10, 2012.

Maybe your asking "Why in my country there's isn't no update yet?".

You may try to contact your local Samsung support team, I already contacted mine and the support guy said "The firmware is still on undergoing local testing". We'll update everyone when the local testing for the products are going well".

So true, it takes a little bit of time for Samsung support teams in your local region because they will do a careful check-up first once they receive the update from Samsung just to ensure that the said ICS firmware is working well. When the said test procedures seems okay, like free of bugs and other issues, then they will release it to you as soon as possible.

Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Official ICS update

[caption id="attachment_1814" align="alignright" width="119"]Download Kies for Samsung Galaxy Note Download Kies for Samsung Galaxy Note, Windows and Mac users.[/caption]

Okay, here's the list of countries already receives the said ICS or Ice Cream Sandwich for Samsung Galaxy Note, this is the official releases we spotted directly from Kies. This list only covers for the Samsung Galaxy  Note international version GT-N7000, all other variants like AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-I717R,  Canada versions - Rogers, Telus and Bell Galaxy Note SGH-I717R and the China version Galaxy Note GT-I9220 were in a separate page to avoid any confusion for it uses a different firmware build. I also included the original Odin flasher stock ROM links for Devs and Advance users use.

Update July 11, 2012: The official Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Android 4.0.4 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich)  firstly hits again in Germany with firmware build number N7000XXLRG_N7000DBTLRG_N7000XXLRG.

August 2012 ICS firmware update release from Kies

Country/CarrierP-CodeAndroid VersionPDACSCPhone modemStock ROM
Australia VodafoneVAUICS 4.0.4N7000BDULR5N7000BVAULR4N7000BDULR3
BangladeshTMLICS 4.0.4N7000DDLR6N7000ODDLR2N7000DDLR1
Bulgaria GlobulGBLICS 4.0.4N7000XXLRIN7000OXXLP8N7000XXLRB
Germany T-MobileDTMICS 4.0.4N7000XXLRIN7000DTMLR5N7000XXLRB
IndiaINUICS 4.0.4N7000DDLR6N7000ODDLR2N7000DDLR1
IndonesiaXSEICS 4.0.4N7000DXLR5N7000OLBLR2N7000DXLR1
Kenya AirtelAFRICS 4.0.4N7000XXLRIN7000OJVLR3N7000XXLRB
MalaysiaXMEICS 4.0.4N7000DXLR5N7000OLBLR2N7000DXLR1
NepalNPLICS 4.0.4N7000DDLR6N7000ODDLR2N7000DDLR1
New Zealand VodafoneVNZICS 4.0.4N7000XXLRIN7000VNZLR2N7000XXLRB
Phillipines SmartSMAICS 4.0.4N7000DXLR5N7000OLBLR2N7000DXLR1
Phillipines GlobeGLBICS 4.0.4N7000DXLR5N7000OLBLR2N7000DXLR1
Phillipines SUNXTCICS 4.0.4N7000DXLR5N7000OLBLR2N7000DXLR1
SingaporeXSAICS 4.0.4N7000DXLR5N7000OLBLR2N7000DXLR1
Singapore SingtelSINICS 4.0.4N7000DXLR5N7000OLBLR2N7000DXLR1
Singapore StarhubSTHICS 4.0.4N7000DXLR5N7000OLBLR2N7000DXLR1
Singapore M1MM1ICS 4.0.4N7000DXLR5N7000OLBLR2N7000DXLR1
Sri LankaSLKICS 4.0.4N7000DDLR6N7000ODDLR2N7000DDLR1
South AfricaXFAICS 4.0.4N7000XXLRIN7000OJVLR3N7000XXLRB
South Africa CellCXFCICS 4.0.4N7000XXLRIN7000OJVLR3N7000XXLRB
South Africa MTNXFMICS 4.0.4N7000XXLRIN7000OJVLR3N7000XXLRB
South Africa VodacomXFVICS 4.0.4N7000XXLRIN7000OJVLR3N7000XXLRB
ThailandTHLICS 4.0.4N7000DXLR5N7000OLBLR2N7000DXLR1
VietnamXEVICS 4.0.4N7000DXLR5N7000OLBLR2N7000DXLR1

Firmware developers and Advance users might also needed the new Odin flasher for Ice Cream Sandwich stock ROM and USB driver.

Odin3_v3.07 link

USB Driver

July 2012 ICS firmware update release from Kies

Country/CarrierP-CodeAndroid VersionPDACSCPhone modemStock ROM
Austria T-MobileMAXICS 4.0.4N7000XXLRIN7000MAXLR5N7000XXLRB
BelgiumPROICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000PROLP1N7000XXLPT
Greece VodafoneVGRICS 4.0.4N7000XXLRIN7000OXXLP8N7000XXLRB
LuxemburgLUXICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000LUXLP1N7000XXLPT
MacedoniaVIMICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000OXXLP1N7000XXLPT
MalaysiaXMEICS 4.0.4N7000DXLR2N7000OLBLR1N7000DXLR1
Nordic CountriesNEEICS 4.0.4N7000XXLRIN7000NEELP4N7000XXLRB
SingaporeXSPICS 4.0.4N7000DXLR2N7000OLBLR1N7000DXLR1
Singapore SingtelSINICS 4.0.4N7000DXLR2N7000OLBLR1N7000DXLR1
Singapore StarhubSTHICS 4.0.4N7000DXLR2N7000OLBLR1N7000DXLR1
Singapore MM1MM1ICS 4.0.4N7000DXLR2N7000OLBLR1N7000DXLR1
Switzerland SwisscomSWCICS 4.0.3N7000BULP3N7000SWCLP3N7000XXLPT
United KingdomXEUICS 4.0.4N7000XXLRKN7000XEULP5N7000XXLRK
UK Carphone WarehouseCPWICS 4.0.4N7000XXLRKN7000CPWLP5N7000XXLRK

June 2012 ICS firmware update release from Kies

Country/CarrierP-CodeAndroid VersionPDACSCPhone modemStock ROM
BalticSEBICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000OXXLP7N7000XXLPT
BrazilZTOICS 4.0.3N7000UBLPDN7000ZVVLP3N7000UBLP4
Brazil VivoZVVICS 4.0.3N7000UBLPDN7000ZVVLP3N7000UBLP4
BangladeshTMLICS 4.0.3N7000DDLPAN7000ODDLP5N7000DDLP4
Czech RepublicXEZICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000XEFLP1N7000XXLPT
Czech Republic VodafoneVDCICS 4.0.3N7000XXLPYN7000OXXLP5N7000XXLPT
FranceXEFICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000XEFLP1N7000XXLPT
France SFR MobileSFRICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000SFRLP6N7000XXLPT
Hungary TelenorPANICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000OXXLP7N7000XXLPT
Hungary VodafoneVDHICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000OXXLP7N7000XXLPT
ItalyITVICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000ITVLP3N7000XXLPT
Italy 3HUIICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000HUILP4N7000XXLPT
IndiaINUICS 4.0.3N7000DDLPAN7000ODDLP5N7000DDLP4
IrelandXEUICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ2N7000XEULP4N7000XXLPT
Kazakhstan KcellPANICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000KCLLP2N7000XXLPT
MoroccoFWDICS 4.0.3N7000XXLPYN7000OJVLP6N7000XXLPT
MoroccoMEDICS 4.0.3N7000XXLPYN7000OJVLP6N7000XXLPT
NepalNPLICS 4.0.3N7000DDLPAN7000ODDLP5N7000DDLP4
Nordic countriesNEEICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000NEELP4N7000XXLPT
PakistanPAKICS 4.0.3N7000JPLPDN7000OJPLP7N7000JPLPD
Portugal TMNTMNICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000TMNLP2N7000XXLPT
Romania VodafoneCNXICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000OXXLP7N7000XXLPT
Romania CosmoteCOAICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000OXXLP7N7000XXLPT
RussiaSERICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ2N7000OXELP6N7000XXLPT
Saudi Arabia KSAKSAICS 4.0.3N7000JPLPDN7000JPLP7N7000JPLPD
Saudi Arabia JEDJEDICS 4.0.3N7000JPLPDN7000JPLP7N7000JPLPD
SlovakiaXSKICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000OXXLP7N7000XXLPT
Slovenia Si.mobilSIMICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000OXXLP7N7000XXLPT
Slovenia MobitelMOTICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ2N7000MOTLP1N7000XXLPT
Sweden TreHTSICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000HTSLP2N7000XXLPT
SwitzerlandAUTICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ3N7000AUTLP3N7000XXLPT
Sri LankaSLKICS 4.0.3N7000DDLPAN7000ODDLP5N7000DDLP4
Trinidad & TobagoTTTICS 4.0.3N7000UBLPCN7000UUBLP9N7000WELP7
United KingdomXEUICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ2N7000XEULP4N7000XXLPT
United Kingdom Carphone WarehouseCPWICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ2N7000CPWLP4N7000XXLPT
UkraineSEKICS 4.0.3N7000XXLQ2N7000OXELP6N7000XXLPT
United Arab EmiratesXSGICS 4.0.3N7000JPLPDN7000OJPLP7N7000XXLPT

May 2012 ICS firmware update release from Kies

Country/CarrierP-CodeAndroid VersionPDACSCPhoneStock ROM
AustriaATOICS 4.0.3N7000XXLPYN7000ATOLP2N7000XXLPT
BangladeshTMLICS 4.0.3N7000DDLP8N7000ODDLP5N7000DDLP4
Hong KongTGYICS 4.0.3N7000ZSLPFN7000OZSLPFN7000XXLR1
IndiaINUICS 4.0.3N7000DDLP8N7000ODDLP5N7000DDLP4
IndonesiaXSEICS 4.0.3N7000DXLP9N7000OLBLP6N7000DXLP5
MalaysiaXMEICS 4.0.3N7000DXLP9N7000OLBLP6N7000DXLP5
NetherlandsXENICS 4.0.3N7000XXLPYN7000XENLP1N7000XXLPT
NepalNPLICS 4.0.3N7000DDLP8N7000ODDLP5N7000DDLP4
PhilippinesXTCICS 4.0.3N7000DXLP9N7000OLBLP6N7000DXLP5
Philippines SUNXTEICS 4.0.3N7000DXLP9N7000OLBLP6N7000DXLP5
Philippines SmartSMAICS 4.0.3N7000DXLP9N7000OLBLP6N7000DXLP5
Philippines GlobeGLBICS 4.0.3N7000DXLP9N7000OLBLP6N7000DXLP5
SingaporeXSPICS 4.0.3N7000DXLP9N7000OLBLP6N7000DXLP5
Singapore SingTelSINICS 4.0.3N7000DXLP9N7000OLBLP6N7000DXLP5
Singapore StarhubSTHICS 4.0.3N7000DXLP9N7000OLBLP6N7000DXLP5
Singapore M1MM1ICS 4.0.3N7000DXLP9N7000OLBLP6N7000DXLP5
Sri LankaSLKICS 4.0.3N7000DDLP8N7000ODDLP5N7000DDLP4
ThailandTHLICS 4.0.3N7000DXLP9N7000OLBLP6N7000DXLP5
VietnamXEVICS 4.0.3N7000DXLP9N7000OLBLP6N7000DXLP5
VietnamXXVICS 4.0.3N7000DXLP9N7000OLBLP6N7000DXLP5

To keep an eye of any updates, you may check Kies most often,  some updates like the carrier branded version will also get an update via OTA (Over the air). We will update this post from time to time and add all it up here, if there are any latest, newest and freshest official firmware available directly from Kies for your precious Galaxy Note.


  1. محمد الجربيJune 4, 2012 at 3:57 AM

    ICS firmware update for middle east please

  2. Not yet, we still need to wait Arabic firmware build.

  3. ICS firmware for Saudi Arabia please... waiting long time >> OTA

  4. when will N7000XXLA4 get the firmware update here in saudi arabia....the white edition got it last week....tnx

  5. When will Phone: N7000DXKJ3 get the ICS update on GT-n7000 International Version ?
    PDA : N7000DXLA1
    CSC: N7000OLBKL2

  6. Still no update in South Africa - no info from Samsung or Vodacom. Will we get it? Maybe Jelly Bean ....... ?

  7. no ICS for me iam in Egypt !!

  8. Egypt already have ICS.
    Latest firmware: N7000JPLPD/N7000OJPLP7/N7000XXLPT/N7000JPLPD
    We'll add it up on the list shortly.

  9. Do you know when the expected update in Serbia?

  10. Nup! I don't know why Serbia always left behind. Might probably coming really soon since Bulgaria now surprisingly got an update after a couple of months long of deep sleep. lol! You guys there in Serbia still stuck in 2.3.6 N7000XXLA6 if I'm not mistaken. There's no signs of any update yet for Telenor and VIP so far.

  11. It is generally known that in Serbia goes wrong, always last in everything. :D
    I believe that Somalia will receive ICS before us :D
    But, it is not clear how long they think bother with this update ...
    I am on the MTS network, but the phone is sim free.

  12. If its unlocked, that's would be great. You can try checking the CSC code maybe it uses other country firmware build. Learn how to install stock ROM and don't keep on waiting any update anymore. You can try to use your nearest neighboring country's firmware build if already released. just my 2cents.

  13. You can add Vodafone NZ to the list

  14. When will we get ICS update for Galaxy Note in Cyprus

  15. however, it is better for me to wait for official update from Samsung, I did not do experiments :D

  16. Vodafone New Zealand added and Asian countries as well.

  17. Update firmware for Iran please .

  18. Hi I have downloaded the Phillipines Globe

    GLB ICS 4.0.4 N7000DXLR5 N7000OLBLR2 N7000DXLR1 from your list on my computer. How would I install it to my Galaxy Note? Thank you very much.

  19. when ics4.0.4 is going to release for nepal for galaxys2 any idea plzzz...

  20. You should only upgrade thru Kies and not downloading the stock ROM, it's for devs and advance users only.
    Here's the guide Kies/OTA and Stock ROM:

  21. I am using Galaxy Note GTN7000 in Bangladesh with Gingerbread. I want to update to ICS operating System. Please send me a Full procedure so that I can enjoy the update. Hopefuly all the features of my Gingerbread will be supported at the ICS.

    Waiting for ur reply.

  22. Hi Droid Angel..
    I'm from Malaysia & recently my phone updated its firmware to ICS 4.0.4..
    These are the details of my current device status (Galaxy Note):
    Model Number : GT-N7000
    Android version : 4.0.4
    Baseband Version : N7000XXLRB
    Kernel Version : 3.0.15-N7000XXLRI-CL8811902
    Build number : IMM76D.XXLRI
    My question..
    I'm about to root my phone & I need the stock ROMS but when I saw your list above, the one from MALAYSIA is N7000DXLR5 not the same one which I have..??
    Thanks in advance..

  23. @Ghadaffi Your Gnote must be unbranded/unlocked which came from Europe region.. you can simply identify which country you need to grab by checking the CSC (country specific code).

  24. Hi Droid Angel..
    I’m from Malaysia & recently my phone updated its firmware to ICS 4.0.4..
    These are the details of my current device status (Galaxy Note):
    Model Number : GT-N7000
    Android version : 4.0.4
    Baseband Version : N7000XXLR1
    Kernel Version : 3.0.15-N7000XXLR2-CL830576
    Build number : IMM76D.DHLR2
    My question..
    I want to downgrade my software version from 4.0.4 to 2.3.3 .So how can i do that....I am using from Singapore..Please let me know
    Thanks in advance..

  25. DroidAngel
    I am using Galaxy Note GT-N7000,PhoneLN7000DXKj3 CSC N7000Obkl2 , build Jan 2012. When will i get the update ? probably after I through this stupid box in trash.

  26. Just simply install Singapore's original stock ROM using Odin:
    Find the following gingerbread firmware build on google: N7000DXLA1, N7000DXKL3 and N7000DXKL1

  27. If Kies won't let you upgrade, then don't rely on it anymore. You should learn how to use Odin then flash the original stock ROM. You can install all South East Asian stock ROMs -like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam etc., choose the unbranded version, since its all the same, its only varies from CSC (Country Specific Codes).

  28. please help me
    I had format my galaxy note after updating it to android 4.03
    After formatting my galaxy, many of the application cannot be disabled and when disabling them and reboot the phone, they begin starting again like maps and voice search
    also after formatting my phone, there are some problems like delay in the animation when opening or switching between application,

    so what i have to do ???
    wait the new update or to flash the rom ??

    one more question : if i flashed the rom with the official firmware from here, can i update my phone automatically by wifi through software updater or not ???

  29. @Mina Nasrso
    Q: what i have to do ???
    wait the new update or to flash the rom ??
    A:If your GNote is under warranty, I suggest you to visit your device provider and tell them about your phone situation, they will fix it for you

    Q:one more question : if i flashed the rom with the official firmware from here, can i update my phone automatically by wifi through software updater or not ???
    A: Yes, if you know how and can manage to install the right firmware according from your country of origin. These stock rom were all original and official releases by Samsung, exactly same from Kies and OTA.


    My GNOTE is not under warranty and i don't want to waste more money by going to samsung center

    can you please tell me how can i manage to install right firmware ?

    my country is Egypt and now i'm downloading the firmware but i don't know how to install it ????

    thanks for your help :)

  31. Since you already downloaded the stock ROM - Just follow the Odin guide here: http://androidromupdate.com/2012/05/11/how-to-upgrade-samsung-galaxy-note-to-ice-cream-sandwich-official-ics-4-0-3-firmware/#more-1727

  32. DroidAngel,
    I'm from Malaysia
    Since i rooted & flashed custom firmware, now
    I wanted to flash stock firmware 2.3.6 to my gnote
    via odin with 3 files (code,modem & csc) + pit
    Can u give me the download link?
    My gnote still have warranty by Samsung

  33. why need full stock rom... 4.0.3 will work and fully unroot your device. But anyway, here's your 2.3.6 Malaysia XME stock..

  34. DroidAngel,
    I need full stock rom incase if csc file missing. ( warranty purpose )
    My GalaxyS2 did once after i rooted, flashed custom rom 2-3 times.
    The link above have 3 files or 1 file only?

  35. Sorry, The question is about the deference between N7000XXLRK and N7000XXLRG, for example?

  36. Sorry, we can't tell for it impossible for us to try and check all of these stock ROMs. We know its a silly answer but even Samsung hasn't even mentioned any complete details when releasing a new one. Samsung always says" It Improves stability and better enhancements". Its like a box of chocolate, you must have to taste first before you can say its delicious or not.

  37. Hi, i am from Qatar and cant able to update thru Kies so i ama planing to download it from your website.

    My Galaxy note doesnt show any CSC code.
    it shows baseband version : N7000XXLPT
    At the end of about phone is shows : United Arab Emirates

    also have 1 question if i update from here can i get Arabic language?

    please tell me. Thanks in advance.

  38. Hi,all My note Updated throw Kies yesterday from ICS 4.0.3 N7000XXLPT to ICS 4.0.4 N7000XXLRK I am from Dubai United Arab Emirates.
    Here Screen Shot.


  39. Hi, I am from Indonesia. thanks for the tutorial. I was try to upgrade my device to the official ICS 4.0.4 for Indonesia and do the flashing tutorial by ODIN carefully and done successful. Now my phone run faster, the pen more sensitive. But, the design (GUI) and Icon (camera, wallpaper, lock screen, etc) still looks like Gingerbread, but the other (battery, setting design) has change like ICS. I didn't get the 100% ICS design feel done. But the performance are good. is the design normally? thanks for reply.

  40. I guess my situation is far complicated than I can ever imagine.I have bought my galaxy note from China and none of the firmware update release matches up with my model.My set comes with a physical home button and must be SGH-I9220 but the when plug into kies it shows SGH-I717.I need serious help from all of you guyz.I would request you to help me upgrade.Please find below the firmware information.If anyone knows how to deal with this firmware then please advise.Thank you

    PDA: I717UCLA1
    CSC: I717ATTLA1
    PHONE: E160L.FA28.1218.LT

  41. Your firmware indicates using U.S AT&T build, so you may only need to upgrade using SGH-I717 firmware updates.
    If you can't upgrade thru Kies, use stock ROM.

  42. Thanks DA but is my phone SGH-I9220 because it has a physical "home" button?? Is there any way I can remove this U.S AT&T build (build number shows "www.wpcnn.com").Is there a way to it can show proper SGH-I9220 firmware and not SGH-I717??.I am new at all this so please suggest the best solution.Thank you.

  43. *#272*imei# used to change the region so that i can get ICS update but I see that my country code is not in the list ?

  44. Hello,
    There is a 4.0.4 firmware for galaxy note n7000 for ISRAEL
    If you want the link, please contact me via E-mail.

  45. Any news Jelly Bean updates for N7000XXLRK United Arab Emirates.

  46. please help
    i've flashed my galaxy note and after flashing the phone,it's going on rebooting and rebooting only

    what can i do now ??
    please help

  47. Because you did not factory reset..

  48. hii, i'm from egypt
    and after updating to the firmware 4.03 from 3 months yesterday the phone began rebooting and doesn't want to open
    i tried to format it and install the same firmware again and after installing nothing happen and it goes on rebooting
    what can i do?
    is there any option in odin or in anything to avoid this rebooting issue ?
    please help me

  49. what can i do now ?
    i need to solve this issue , can u help me please ?

  50. On this process your saved data stored from the device will be wipe. Here's how to enter recovery mode's factory reset.. Hold down VOLUME UP+HOME+POWER button.. you are then prompted with a recovery options. Select "Wipe/Data Factory Reset" use volume keys to navigate. Use "Home" or "Power Button" to enter selection.

  51. i've already do it now and nothing changed ..
    the phone keeps rebooting
    please is there any way to solve this problem ?
    thanks for your help

  52. Flash back again the Original stock ROM,...

  53. can you tell me how can i flash back the original stock ROM please ?

    thanks for your effort

  54. Grab this stock ROM Egyptian build Android 4.1.1 GT-I9300_EGY_I9300XXDLJ1_I9300OJVDLJ1_I9300XXDLID Follow the procedure posted above.
    Then pay me a 100 bucks for consuming my time replying on you.. :)

  55. thanks alot :D
    but after downloading it , the odin told me instead of pass --> faliled
    don't know why ?? :(
    thanks again :D

  56. Flashing failures is cause by faulty, USB cables and PC port connection.. That's happens to us a lot of times. So don't be alarmed.

  57. i just bought galaxy note gt n7000 pink color 1 month ago here in qatar and its 4.0.3 why until now its not yet update to 4.0.4 i try also using kies by computer and it says this is the latest firm ware pda:lpd/phone:lpt/csc:lp7(mid). but yesterday i bought again another galaxy note gt n700 white color 4.0.3 and after i open the phone its update to 4.0.4 via wifi why my pink note is not update plz help thanx

  58. When the release of Jelly Bean for Galaxy Note 1 ??