Friday, June 29, 2012

I9100BULPD New Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS Update this July 2012

New Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware update released this July 2012 after from last update I9100BULPC on April.
The new ICS firmware build number I9100BULPD, with a build date as of June 06, 2012. It still packed in Android 4.0.3 not 4.0.4 that users most wanted all about like the new successor Samsung Galaxy S3. firmware.

It comes with new modem version too - I9100BULP7, maybe this time the signal boost is strengthen or most probably improved. Unlike the old version which was I9100BULP6 in the I9100BULPC build.

Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS ICe Cream Sandwich Firmware Updates cover

Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS Update I9100BULPD

Here's a list of countries that have came up so far as we spotted via Kies - Samsung's official firmware server.

Grab it here: Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 Firmware Downloads

Czech Republic Vodafone

Product Code: VDC
Latest firmware: I9100BULPD/I9100VDCLP4/I9100BULP7/I9100BULPD
Build: 6/8/2012 9:09:06 AM
Stock ROM: GT-I9100_I9100BULPD_I9100VDCLP4_I9100BULP7_home.tar

Germany Vodafone

Product Code: VD2
Latest firmware: I9100BULPD/9100VD2LP9/I9100BULP7/I9100BULPD
Build: 6/7/2012 6:06:29 PM
Stock ROM: GT-I9100_I9100BULPD_9100VD2LP9_I9100BULP7_home.tar

Greece Vodafone

Product Code: VGR
Latest firmware: I9100BULPD/I9100VGRLP7I9100BULP7/I9100BULPD
Build: 6/11/2012 8:51:57 AM
Stock ROM: GT-I9100_I9100BULPD_I9100VGRLP7_I9100BULP7_home.tar

Ireland Vodafone

Product Code: VDI
Latest firmware: I9100BULPD/I9100VDILP7/I9100BULP7/I9100BULPD
Build: 6/9/2012 4:43:36 PM
Stock ROM: GT-I9100_I9100BULPD_I9100VDILP7_I9100BULP7_home.tar

Italy Vodafone

Product Code: OMN
Latest firmware: I9100XWLPF/I9100OXILP6/I9100XXLPX/I9100XWLPF
Build: 7/3/2012 11:12:20 AM
Stock ROM: GT-I9100_I9100XWLPF_I9100OXILP6_I9100XXLPX_home.tar

Portugal Vodafone

Product Code: TCL
Latest firmware: I9100BULPD/I9100TCLLP7/I9100BULP7/I9100BULPD
Build: 6/7/2012 5:30:12 PM
Stock ROM: GT-I9100_I9100BULPD_I9100TCLLP7_I9100BULP7_home.tar

Romania Vodafone

Product Code: CNX
Latest firmware: I9100BULPD/I9100CNXLP4/I9100BULP7/I9100BULPD
Build: 6/7/2012 5:30:12 PM
Stock ROM: GT-I9100_I9100BULPD_I9100CNXLP4_I9100BULP7_home.tar

Spain Vodafone

Product Code: ATL
Latest firmware: I9100BULPD/I9100ATLLP8/I9100BULP7/I9100BULPD
Build: 6/8/2012 2:49:56 PM
Stock ROM: GT-I9100_I9100BULPD_I9100ATLLP8_I9100BULP7_home.tar

United Kingdom UK Vodafone

Product Code: VOD
Latest firmware: I9100BULPD/I9100VODLP9/I9100BULP7/I9100BULPD
Build: 6/11/2012 9:23:31 AM
Stock ROM: GT-I9100_I9100BULPD_I9100VODLP9_I9100BULP7_home.tar

We are keeping an eye on Germany, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, for as this time there's no sign of any another ICS update yet. We will try to update this post if the new updates will come to surface anytime from now. Probably will be followed sooner this month of July.

If your Samsung Galaxy S2 is under Vodafone's carrier, you may check it out on Kies or via OTA (Over the air. You may also visit Vodafone's support website in your local region to get more info about this update.
In addition, some other mobile networks also receives with the same firmware build are France (SFR Mobile)and Austria (A1 Telekom).

So, if you already upgraded to this version, you might share us your thoughts of what new about this new ICS update.


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