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I9100XWLPG Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware

This is the manual method on how to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S2 to Android 4.0.3 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) I9100XWLPG firmware that has been released from Samsung Kies.

This method is only useful and advisable if you are having issues updating on Kies server due to some reasons that your devices is currently running with unofficial firmware or by means of rooting and modding, or if your Galaxy S2 was purchased from other country. That’s sometimes the main reason why Kies or OTA update ignores your devices from updating.

Samsung Galaxy S II ICS 4.0.3 ICE CREAM SANDWICH

This is the step by step procedure on how to manually upgrade to ICS 4.0.3 by way of using Odin downloader tool, as used by many advance users instead of Kies. All you need to have is the original and unmodified official I9100XWLPG stock firmware that has been build according to your country or carrier providers.
The I9100XWLPG is yet another Android 4.0.3 software update released by Samsung for Galaxy S2 after some issues reported from the previous released I9100XWLP7. I may say that this is a stable ICS firmware for Galaxy S2 and is almost the same with the I91000XWLPD that fixes lag issues.

Firmware Flashing Precaution
This method is a little bit risky to those who doesn’t have any experience in tweaking around the phone’s operating system, just do some extra caution when you decide to do such flashing. There is a risk danger in flashing stock ROM, it may result serious damage to your device, if anything went wrong. This guide are meant for advance users only. If your Galaxy s2 currently runs with an official firmware, I always recommended you to update or upgrade on Kies or via OTA only.

Disclaimer: Androidromupdate shall not be held responsible if anything happens to your device by following this guide. Use this guide at your own risk!

Step 1: Grab the relevant files for flashing I9100XWLPG

- Odin Downloader tool
- Samsung Galaxy S2 USB driver, (Only needed if you do not have Kies installed on your PC)
I9100XWLPG Original Stock ROM Downloads: Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 Firmware

Choose the right firmware according to your device country and carrier origin. These firmware may have the same firmware build number but it has it’s own specific default settings for each country.

Note: These stock ROM is for Samsung Galaxy S2 with product code GT-I9100 only. Do not ever attempt to flash this ROM on any other US, Canada and Australia Galaxy S2 variants like the following.

* AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD SGH-i727
* Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100G
* China Telecom Samsung I929 Galaxy S II Duos
* Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE SHV-E120S
* Virgin Mobile and Bell in Canada Samsung Galaxy S II 4G SGH-T959V
* AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Attain SGH-I777
* T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-T989, Samsung Hercules
* Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch SPH-D710, Samsung Within
* Telus Samsung Galaxy S II X SGH-T989D.
* AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-I927, Samsung Gidim
* Rogers Samsung Galaxy S II LTE SGH-i727R

You should check first your device’s model number in Settings » About phone. or type this code *#1234#.
Product Code: dial this code > *2767*4387264636#
example: UK Generic is GT-I9100LKAXEU

Austria (3 Hutchison)
Modem: I9100XXLPX
Version: ICS 4.0.3

Denmark (3)
Modem: I9100XXLPX
Version: ICS 4.0.3

France (Bouygues)
Modem: I9100XXLPX
Version: ICS 4.0.3

Ireland (Three)
CSC: I91003IELP3
Version: ICS 4.0.3

Nordic countries
Version: ICS 4.0.3

Modem: I9100XXLPX
Version: ICS 4.0.3

All download links is courtesy of All credits goes to them.

Step 2: Some preparation before flashing

- Use a PC or laptop that runs in Windows OS, with a good and perfectly working USB serial port.
- Use the USB cable wire for your Galaxy S2.
- Make sure that your galaxy S2 battery is fully charge.
- Back up all important files stored from your phone’s internal memory – contacts, messages, etc.
- Remember or back up the APN settings of your device.
- Enable USB debugging from your phone’s settings. Go to Settings > Applications > Development, and tick the box that says ‘Enable USB Debugging’.
- Do a “Hard Reset” if you have a lot of 3rd party applications installed from your phone, this is useful to gain a smooth flashing. (Just make sure that you already back up all your important files before resetting your device.

How to Install ICS 4.0.3 I9100XWLPG

Now, if you have those things all done, get ready to have some crackling thing in your device.
Step 3: Run and Configure Odin
Run Odin downloader on your PC desktop. Watch out the check-boxes options on the right top of Odin, ensure that the ‘RE-PARTITION’ is unchecked, only the ‘AUTO-REBOOT and ‘F.RESET TIME’ is remains checked.
Now, click on the PDA button, then select and load the I9100XWLPG _I9100NEELP4_I9100XXLPX_HOME.tar.md5  ( I used Nordic countries firmware on this guide, firmware build numbers will vary on other countries) that you have previously extracted.

Step 4: Boot your Galaxy S2 into Download Mode.
To put your galaxy S2 in download mode, just simply switch it off then gently press and hold the “POWER, VOLUME DOWN and HOME” buttons simultaneously. You’ll be then prompted in a warning screen to continue or decline.

Once the phone screen shows in downloading mode, connect your phone to the PC with the USB cable. You’ll then notice the upper box in Odin that turns in yellow color., it also indicates the COM:ID where the device is being detected and a word “added!!’ on the log box. If somehow those things never showed up, check out the USB cable connection, read again from the top of this post.
Step 5: Flash it!
Once all set and ready, hit he “START” button to begin flashing.
Do not touch anything that might interrupt the process to avoid any fatal errors or failures, it may ruin your device if any interruption occurs while already in flashing status.

It may only takes about 3 to 5 minutes, depends of your PC/laptop speeds. A word “PASS” will display in Odin once it finishes. If somehow you will not get the word “PASS” or just stuck in along time. Disconnect the phone, remove battery, re-insert it, check the USB connection, re-install the driver, disable Kies and any anti-virus.  Set the phone in Download mode again, and repeat the whole procedure.

The phone will just automatically reboots if the firmware flashing successfully completes. Just wait until it boots up on the “S” logo for a while then into an android update screen. If it still shows boot logo try rebooting and if it stays there, you need to wipe your phone.

Boot in recovery mode – press and hold Volume Up, Home and Power button. Use volume keys to select up and down and power or home key to select the option.

How to reboot Samsung Galaxy S2 into Recovery mode
1. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset
2. Next select the Wipe Cache Partition
3. Lastly select Reboot System Now to reboot your Galaxy S2 in Normal mode.
How to reboot Samsung Galaxy S2 into Recovery mode
Confirm your fresh firmware installed by typing *#1234# or
Go to Settings>About Phone>Firmware info.
Check and reconfigure your APN settings when data networks connection issues encountered. Change the default text to your desired language.

That’s it! You have now your Galaxy S2 runs in official Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. Any comments, questions and suggestions are welcome, just leave it on our comment form below.


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