Monday, July 16, 2012

I9300XXBLFB Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 Europe Stock ROM

These are all original and unmodified I9300XXBLFB_I9300XXLFB android version 4.0.4 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) stock ROM for Europe of Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 both carrier branded and unbranded variants. This firmware was officially released by Samsung Kies on July 2012, an update from previous build I9300XXALF2 last June 2012.
You may use these stock ROM to manually return your Galaxy S3 to official stock firmware. The I9300XXBLFB firmware build was first released in UK BTU unbranded Galaxy S3, then followed by nearby neighboring countries across Europe and then in Asia.

I9300XXBLFB ICS 4.0.4 Changes and New Features

  • The camera voice recognition has new 11 mode icon change, as well as added feedback,

  • Camera voice recognition – icon changed

  • Camera voice recognition – feedback

  • Camera – wand – 11 new modes

  • Lock screen – camera launch quicker

  • Adjust screen tone

  • Swype – now works in google search box

  • Swype – now works in address bar for searching

  • Swype – improved accuracy

  • Text messages – attachment icon on the left

  • Text messages – message box width reduced

  • Text messages – delete specific messages in a conversation

  • Sound crackling – (A sound crackling notices after long use)

  • Audio application checkbox

  • Email – update time

  • Email – message body

  • Long press power for silent/vibrate

New featured apps

  • S planner – week view changed

  • S planner month,

  • S planner task,

  • S planner mini today

  • Clock

  • desk clock

  • digital clock

  • all share cast

  • Notifications brightness

Note: The Android 4.0.4 Firmware is no longer suitable for flashing, You may use the new updates here: Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 Firmware

CountryP-CodePDACSCMODEMVersionStock ROM
Baltic StatesSEBI9300XXBLFBI9300OXFBLF1I9300XXLFBICS 4.0.4-
Czech RepublicXEZI9300XXBLFBI9300XEZBLG1I9300XXLFBICS 4.0.4-
France (Bouygues)BOGI9300XXBLFBI9300BOGBLG1I9300XXLFBICS 4.0.4-
Norway (Telenor)TENI9300XXBLFBI9300TENBLF1I9300XXLFBICS 4.0.4-
NetherlandsPHNI9300XXBLFBI9300PHNBLF1I9300XXLFBICS 4.0.4-
Nordic countriesNEEI9300XXBLFBI9300NEEBLF1I9300XXLFBICS 4.0.4-
PortugalTPHI9300XXBLFBI9300TPHBLG1I9300XXLFBICS 4.0.4-
SwitzerlandAUTI9300XXBLFBI9300AUTBLG1I9300XXLFBICS 4.0.4-
United KingdomBTUI9300XXBLFBI9300OXABLFBI9300XXLFBICS 4.0.4-
United Kingdom (O2)O2UI9300XXBLFBI9300O2UBLF3I9300XXLFBICS 4.0.4-

How to Install or Flash I9300XXBLFB Stock ROM using Odin3_v3.04

A word Pass in Odin when the installing stock ROM on Galaxy S3 succefully completes

Full detailed guide for beginners

If this is your first time heard about this method, read the step by step guide first, before you may proceed installing one of these stock ROM.

Quick Guide for advance users

Ensure that the battery is fully charge.
Make a Back up copy of all important data/files stored from the phone’s internal memory.
1. Download the specific stock ROM according to your device country origin. Then extract it.
2. Download Odin3_v3.04.
3. Download USB driver (only needed if you have not previously installed Kies on your PC/laptop).
4. Run Odin3_v3.04 on PC desktop
5. Click on the PDA button then browse to the folder where you extracted the stock ROM
6. Do Not check the Re-Partition checkbox. Mark check these checkboxes Auto Reboot and F-Reset Time.
7. Reboot the phone in download mode: Turn it off first, then gently press and hold the VolumeDown key+HOME+ Power buttons simultaneously
8. Connect the phone to PC when it’s in the Download Mode screen.
9. Hit the “START’ button.
10. Wait until a word “PASS’ appears.
11. Remove the phone from PC.
12. Do factory reset if necessary.
13. Reconfigure APN settings if necessary.

If you have any questions or in need of assistance and further instruction please don’t hesitate to leave a message on our comment form below.


  1. I applied the french version, and its working great. BUT the phone is not connecting to Kies anymore. How can i fix it pls.

  2. just simply install the original stock from which country you're at.

  3. hi im from belgium but the os for belgian sgs3 is not in the list should i take the dutch version? i bricked my phone with downloading a root gpu 3d app the phone had to reboot and when it did it never came further then the black screen with galaxy s3 on it what would you suggest to fix my 4 weeks old phone...?

  4. Are these wipe or non-wipe versions? Have a broken screen and decided to sell it so i need to wipe it clean for all data. Does flashing this do that?