Monday, July 23, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 GT-P6200: Upgrade to Official Android ICS 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich P6200XXLQ1

Here's the manual procedure on how to upgrade the Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 GT-P6200 to the official Android 4.0.4 ICS (Ice cream Sandwich) firmware build number P6200XXLQ1. This firmware was initially released in Austria and not yet available for other region but if you want to upgrade now and already tired from waiting, you can do it by this simple procedures. This firmware is compatible with all Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 GT-P6200, even on U.S version and  all European languages are also included on the packaged.

This new Ice cream sandwich installed on Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 GT-P6200 features a very smooth scrolling, much faster and smoother than in 3.2 honeycomb. The notification bar (bottom right of the screen) seems busier than it was before.
Icons changes and become bigger, with a new looks notification bar.
Update: (September 2012)
ICS 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware build released P6200XXLQ2
Update: (November 2012)
New ICS 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich United Kingdom released P6200XXLQ7

How to install and upgrade Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 GT-P6200 to Official Android ICS 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich

This method is called manual flashing by using Odin downloader and the original stock firmware, for we can't upgrade to it yet via Kies unless we're in Austria.
Disclaimer: We shall not be held responsible if anything happens t your device for by following this guide. Proceed at your own risk.

- Back up all files before proceeding. Although the Internal memory and microSD card are both left alone during after the flash process for this firmware is a non wipe version. But all your settings and configuration will all be reset.
- Fully recharge your phone's battery.

Grab the original stock ROM:
Latest firmware: P6200XXLQ1/P6200OXALQ1/P6200XXLQ1/P6200XXLQ1
Region: Europe
Version: Android 4.0.4 ice Cream Sandwich
Released: July 2012

Odin downloader Odin3_V1.85
USB Driver Samsung USB Driver (Europes' unbranded firmware)

Odin Flasher Guide: P6200XXLQ1 Android 4.0.4 ICS Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 GT-P6200

1) Extract all the downloaded stock ROM to get the .tar.md5 file.
2) Run Odin3_v1.85.exe
3) DO NOT CHECK the RE-PARTITION checkbox, only both 'Auto Reboot' ans 'F-Reset' left alone.
4) Click the PDA button then load the extracted P6200XXLQ1_P6200OXALQ1_P6200XXLQ1_HOME.tar.md5 file.

5) Reboot the tablet into Download Mode: Turn it Off, then( Press Volume Down + Power ON button at the same time).
6) Once the phone in download mode screen, connect USB cable To Phone. The highlighted yellow ID:COM box is and indication that the device is connected properly to PC. If you still do not get any results, try another USB port on your computer.

7) Click the Start button to begin flashing.
8 Wait until it finishes or watch out for the word "PASS".

Then remove the phone from PC, once completely rebooted.

This is optional: If the phone just stuck on Samsung logo, perform wipe/factory reset to get a fresher firmware installation.
1. Hold Power and Volume Up together, this will switch the device into recovery mode.
2. Release Power after holding it for a second but continue to hold the Volume Up button until recovery menu appears.

Select wipe cache
Select wipe data/factory reset.
Select reboot

That's all! The Samsung Galaxy Tab now runs in Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.


  1. hi.. tanks for the useful information, i was waiting to upgrade since when i bought tab 7 plus in saudi arabia , i did as u mentioned its good and working properly.. tanks again

  2. Dear,
    Iam in saudi arabia too,
    is it working good and make the device beter than before and faster
    also, its support the arabic language or just english

  3. No sir, Firmware with Arabic support language is specially build separately. This only supports for English and European languages.

  4. Will the Austrian firmware work with the P6200L? It is the Brazilian version but works fine in the UK.

  5. I'm not sure since the Latin America GT-P6200L version built with different baseband range than Europe.

  6. hello,

    i'm using a galaxy tab p6201 (germany) and my current baseband version is P6201XXLA2. so, can i do the upgrade too?

    thanks a lot.

  7. i'm from indonesia. can i re install if indonesian firmware out??

  8. iam using galaxy tab p6200 and iam in egypt and baseband version p6200xxkk6 can i upgrade it to ice cream sandwich ???

  9. This firmware build is for Europe region only. There is no Middle East languages support on this firmware.

  10. Hi:), I use the galaxy tab 7plus from Indonesia,its work great. now my tab is running ICS, the austria stok rom seem to work smoothly. Thankyou very much.

  11. it's this firmware support for malaysia galaxt tab 7 plus?can the chinese wording SMS be view?Thanks

  12. i just tried it few hours ago, it's running smooth and all, i tested the camera, gps, 3g, wifi, bluetooth all are working fine, the tab is ways reactive than how it was with HC, this update worth it

  13. Please answer, Do you have to root the device in order to apply this update?

  14. No root required. You only need to flash the stock ROM directly.

  15. Thank you, i made a successful upgrade and really worth it. Performance is much better than before.

  16. Has any one in MAlaysia tested on this ICS update on your precious P6200 ? where Asian characters can display properly ? (i.e. chinese ...)

  17. yes , accidentally upgraded but it works ! just take note

    1. I have used Odin3 v3.07 instead of Odin3 v1.85.
    2. after it completed and reboot , please be patient and do not panic when
    it looks hang after it display the Samsung Tab 7 plus logo ... it takes
    a few minuted before your ICS screen shows up!
    3. later you may want to follow this page to root your ICS device but take note do not follow everything , only up to , for permenent CWW recovery it is for P6210.

    HTH .so that you won get panic after i got panic !

  18. Thank you very much for this update. I was waiting for ICS update on my Tab since last 3 Months but still no signs from samsung. And finally i got this .....Believe me it flawless. My tablet has become smooth like feather. I updated my tab just 24 Hrs back and i m glad to tell that its working as per my expectations...atleast better than Andriod 3.2
    The only problem i had faced is when i connect with Kies, it says hat "This version cannot be upgraded through Kies".
    I will keep sharing my experience wid you. thanks again for this amazing update.

  19. Hi, Guys I am from South Africa , Internet Speed Is Quite Poor This Side and i dont have a 'hotfile' premium , Dont you guys have this file in parts like 100MB file's , Will be quite easy for me to download . THX

  20. guys juss hacked my SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 7 PLUS GT-P6200 to Android Icecream Sandwich 4.0.4 n its juss working flawlessely............
    its feeling so good to one among first to hack this in india

  21. Awsome!!! its really working fine i did this for GT P6200 and you will not beleive this working tremindeousely, however i guess until Samsung will not add this in Kies air software wont get updated through Kies.

    Bangalore India

  22. just finished my upgrade...really thankful it's working great with my samsung tab 7 plus. keep up the good work..greetings from riyadh, KSA
    no need to wait from keis..thanx!

  23. Thank you very much. Iam from India.
    I have flashed my tab nd its working great.
    Looks become vibrant and glossy.
    All functions working perfectly.

  24. Upgrade was successful , but i am facing a wifi disconnect issue .... are there any fix for that

  25. @Sherif do factory reset/wipe cache, check APN settings configuration...

  26. any one have install this ics.. only for malaysia citizen please answer.. coz i from malaysia..

  27. Just do it,i was successfull upgrade,i'm from Indonesia...Thanks alot Droid Angel.

  28. Hello,
    I was able to upgrade from HC to ICS by installing Kies on my PC.
    Once installed, just connect your device via a USB cable. Kies should then recognize your device and provide you with the notification that the ICS upgrade is available.
    If not available for you, it may be due to a geographical situation.
    Good luck, and ICS is certainly an outstanding version of Android.

  29. i have questions

    Grab the original stock ROM: With the PC or Samsung tablet?!!

    Run Odin3_v1.85.exe On the PC or Samsung tablet ?!!

  30. Run it all via PC...

  31. Hi,

    I'm waiting for this update since i bought my tablet and it take so much time. I was really excited when I was reading this post but i'm just asking, does this procedure remove the warranty ?

    I'm from Belgium and we still not have the ugrade for the P6200. I used to root, and upgrade via xda tuto etc... But I just bought this table 2 month ago and I don't want to loose this warranty. So my question is, does this upgrade will be like "the same" as if the upgrade was available in my country and if I upgraded with the "real" way.

    Thanks in advance

  32. can anyone tell me what the samsung usb driver is for? should this be included in the flashing process or what?

    thanks guys

  33. Hey
    Thanks for the steps above! It's really easy to follow, my tab works but with 1 big problem same with @Sherif, my Wifi did not work.

    Here's the symptom.
    - After following the steps above, tab works perfect
    - It can connect to 3G awesome
    - Wifi disconnects and connects automatically, it turns off and on every second
    - I can search the networks, after you have entered the credentials it just keeps scanning, then will return "not in range"

    What I did
    - I reset the tab again NOGO
    - I removed the SIM NOGO
    - turned off Data NOGO
    - Cleared the cache again and reset the software NOGO

    Any other ideas? Could be a known issue?
    How come other tab worked perfectly, our didn't...

  34. WiFi issues try this: Re-configure APN settings from your country network provider.
    This works perfectly in European countries since this build is for Europe regions and might not work perfectly from your country of origin.. like if your in Middle East.

  35. If you have Kies installed on your PC its not necessary, .. that should be installed so that your device can be detected with your PC/laptop and then you can perform odin flashing..

  36. And what aboute the warranty ? is that better to wait a long long time before the real update comes. or can I do this procedure safely ?

    I mean since that we don't have to root the system it's kind of not "illegal" for the warranty ?

    Thanks in advance

  37. Sorry, for the multiple post but we can't modify them.

    To complete my previous question, if this "remove" the warranty could we make this step back to come back in 3.2 when the real samsung update will be available ?

    :) i'm so excited to install it but i prefer to be sure. ( I need to program software on ICS, i'm waiting since 2 month :))

  38. Here's an answer to your question for the sake of new android users.
    If you install a firmware like this, this will not void the warranty of your phone since this is official creation from Samsung itself. This will not even trip the flash counter of the phone's system security. This method is just like updating on Kies/OTA, the only differences is that this firmware is not a default build for your specific country. Each firmware has its own CSC (Country Specific Codes)

    Two things that will absolutely remove the warranty of your device.
    1. Rooted
    2. Installed custom ROM and any unofficial, modified firmware
    But these methods can be easily fix and reverted back to original stock firmware again. (removing root and resetting flash counter etc.)

    If you're very aware of your device warranty and not truly sure of what this is all about, I suggest you should only wait for an official release in your country and do not try this.

    Now, if you want to give it a try.
    Here's what i can suggest you need to do.
    - make sure that you have a stock ROM of your current 3.2 firmware , to ensure that you can always revert back to your device original firmware and flash it back again using the same method above (this will stop you from worrying about the warranty.
    You can post the firmware info of your Tab here and let me check if its truly a Belgian build or it uses other countries firmware.
    - Only then you can try and install this stock ROM.

  39. I already rooted my previous phone (HTC Magic) 2 years ago, I just wanted to be sure (not because i'm afraid of messing with this upgrade) because i just bought this tablet and if i've got a problem I don't want people to say that I loose my warranty because of this manipulation. But now i'm sure.

    With which program can i backup my stock rom ? i've search a little on internet and they are talking about Clockworkmod, but i think i need to be rooted to use it (I tried once)

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial and for your help !

  40. Worked perfect on Belgium tab p6200
    My tab was on 63% batery when i upgrades
    I used a verry old netbook from compaq. Ilove the much faster tab now ,easy as hell dont understand who can brick this simple procedure
    Thanks to the poster of links and manual

  41. Thanks DroidAngel
    Well, I've notice something weird about this update on my Tab.
    The wifi at home doesn't work, but the wifi at my office and my friends house works just fine. Connects just fine.

    But my wifi at home worked with honeycomb perfectly and other devices at home, I think and I hope it is just the model of my router that this ICS is having problems connecting with.

    Do you have contact details of Samsung where to report these issues?

    Anyways, I'm still happy with the ICS update, and instructions above.
    If there will be a new update from Middle East then I will update again.

    Thanks a lot!

  42. I found 2 faults in this update so far
    1 de standart ebook function doesnt work
    2 no adobe flash support even after install manuali
    Any body got the same or more

  43. Try the newest build it might added some fixes P6200XXLQ2.

  44. Thanks a lot it works like a charm! I just had to change computer because it failed with mine (even after killing the kies processes), but your article was very helpful thanks again!

  45. Installed ICS P6200XXLQ2 but have 2 problems. Standard EBOOk does not work and Samsung Market would not update via 3G, only wireless. Any suggestions please?

  46. It is said that it offers european languages, but for many years (up to late 1990s or even post-2k), saying "European" meant only WESTERN European or old EU plus Scandinavia. Is this version contain Eastern European or new EU languages? (for users in Poland, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, and more still non-EU european countries, e.g. post-Yugoslavian or post-soviet.)

  47. @Voyteck
    Here's the languages:

    Deutsch (Deutschland)
    Deutsch (Osterreich)
    Deutsch (Schweiz)
    English (Australia)
    English (New Zealand)
    English (United Kingdom)
    English (United States)
    Espanol (Spania)
    Espanol (Estados Unidos)
    Francais (Belgique)
    Francais (France)
    Nederlands (Belgie)
    Nederlands (Nederland)
    Norsk bokmal
    Portugues (Brasil)
    Portugues (Portugal)

  48. @DroidAngel
    Great. Thanks.

  49. It seems the gps receiver is death now anybody got same and solution

  50. hi there, thank you for posting the steps, i have upgraded from hc to ics indonesia. compare with hc, ics way better :
    1. very fast
    2. very smoooootthh

    1. the main issue will be WIFI it is very poor in terms of performance with hc. keep disconecting and most of the time cant find the wifi channel.
    2. e book doesnt work.

    is there any solutions to those probs. ive tried set the apn to my country but still...

  51. Great. Thanks. Followed the instructions to update my SGT 7 Plus. One finding, things did not work fine when I used a windows virtual machine on my Linux box to get this through. VM always used to reboot at the point when the flash is being loaded. Tried this from a windows laptop and it worked as expected. Cheers.

  52. it doesmt work for me, i followed all the steps exactly as u mentioned.. it proceed still setup cpnnectio, then nothing further happens.. i waited for almost half hour, still nothing happens. plz help//
    this is the the message, the message at the end is where nothing further happens.

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    P6200OXALQ1_P6200XXLQ1_P6200XXLQ1_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:33)..
    File analysis..

  53. Ude odin 2.85 worked fine gps is now oke needed hard reset ebook stil fail but thats no prob i use aldiko
    wifi verry stabel

  54. Hi i'm using SGT GT-P6200 and details below:-
    1) Android version 3.2
    2) Baseband version P6200DXKK3
    3) Kernel version 2.6.36-P6200DXKK3-CL585661 root@DELL140 #3
    4) Build number HTJ85B P6200DXKK3

    I was unable upgrade using Samsung Kies. So can I use this firmware to upgrade? P6200DXLPB_P6200OLBLP8_XME

  55. any indians upgrated your tab????reply asap

    will it work in my country???

  56. how u updated ur tab 620...plzz tell me

  57. thanks a lot, i now have ics on my gt

  58. Excelente guia!!! gracias!!!!

  59. Hi i am GT-P6200 user from Malaysia but i believe my tab is "parallel imported" from either Europe (UK) or South Africa. Details as follows :
    1) Android version 3.2
    2) Baseband version P6200XXKL7
    3) Kernel version 2.6.36-P6200XXKL7-CL604659 se.infra@SEI-43 #3
    4) Build number HTJ85B.XXKL7 P6200XXKL7
    5) Info from KIES read : PDA : KL7 / PHONE : KL7 / CSC : KL1 (XFM)

    I read that Firmware just released for East Asian region

    Question :
    1) if im using a Euro / SA hardware, can I flash using Malaysia CSC firmware ?
    2) does anyone has my original stock firmware above if I want to revert back for warranty claim later ?

    Thank you.

  60. Did you tried TV conection on P6200 with ICS yet? Tx Dmitri

  61. Did anybody tried TV conection on P6200 with ICS yet? Tx Dmitri

  62. how long it takes to upgrade to android ics? It
    already takes 1 hour. Is this normal? Please help

  63. It actually takes around 7 to 10min depends on your computer speed. Just restart the process, we also experienced that oftentimes.. mostly causing that is bad USB cable..

  64. Just installed, everything are fine but can't use wifi....what should i do???Help.......

  65. Any possible way to upgrade the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 to ICS?

  66. hi.what is the differences between 4.0.3 ics and 4.0.4?coz i already upgrade my tab to 4.0.3?

  67. No more flash player? ?????

  68. it says "The Parameter is incorrect"

  69. It showed when you forgot extracting the downloaded file. Read carefully...

  70. I have the same problem, I found that you will have to go into the settings and do a factory reset (as per xda-developers site) the problem with me is a I have a lot of apps and I don't really want to do this, I'm still trying to find another solution (I had to purchase Mobisynapse application in order to synch with outlook without KIES).

  71. hi guys:)
    Do any 1 has any idea where can i add Arabic support for Ics as i have Tab 7 P6200 and i am planing to upgrade

  72. Try Arabic keyboard apps on G-playstore.

  73. Had the same version but just updated a day ago and everythings works fine.

  74. No less than 30 mins

  75. Hi oaakzz,
    I had mine flashed about 4 weeks ago not long after I posted the above.
    Has been working fine so far. The GPS was not working initially (cannot detect any satellite at all) but after about 1 week or so it started to pick up signal from satellite.
    Cheers !!

  76. Hi I upgraded two wks ago and have wifi problems as well as, and the tab is slower but the worst is the wifi. Can connect at a few points no problem but not at home or work. Today two wks later I connected at home....

  77. can someone help??plss!! when i try to do this it says that there is no memory, but theres like 10 gb of memory left...(In ODIN)

  78. Hi, After upgrading my tab I can't root it under Ice cream, What should I do,any Ideas?!!
    Thanks in Advance :)

  79. I followed the steps on my GT-P6200 , Thumb Up my dear. Upgraded my Honeycomb to Ice cream 4.0.4 , and kept the apps as same on the handset, nothing loosed,

  80. thanks a lot...! Its working... Greetings from Indonesia

  81. The upgrade as explained above works like a charm. Thanks.

  82. Did anyone try to connect it to TV yet?

  83. Then re-flash again.

  84. My galaxy Tab Not recognized Help !!

  85. Not recognized by what? connection problem?
    Phone to Computer connection is always caused by bad USB cable or PC USB serial ports.

  86. By Odin3 v1.8X and Odin3 v3.X

  87. Re-install USB driver, it must properly installed.

  88. I'm afraid that your EMMC memory chip has been been jammed already. Although re-partitioning can fix that problem, but its not too easy.
    Try to use a full flashing method with Odin and not Heimdall. When you used a pit file, it won't work on a single tar file only.
    You may find an old HC stock ROM with individual files, Bootloader, PDA and CSC and flash it along with the pit file.

  89. I can't offer you a special chat, As I already mentioned the solution.

  90. Excellent update thanks, my tab is working verry well and faster.. from caracas venezuela

  91. it works on my gtab 7 plus, thanks for the info. good job :)

  92. Hi, I bought a p6200 in South Africa. I recently came the UK and wanted to upgrade to Android 4 ICS. After downloading keis and clicking on upgrade I have still got Android 3.2 installed on the device (i.e. there seems to be no option to upgrade to ICS). Is this a common problem? I am a little unsure about using ODIN to upgrade in case I brick it. Put perhaps I'm being overly cautious.
    Any advice welcome

  93. thanks !! thanks a lot !!! was scared if i loss my tab !! but now after reading and doing this ! my tab is working again !!! thanks a lot !!!!

  94. after i flashed it works great.....but my device memory shows space =12.95gb
    apps = 306 mb pictures 800 20 kb miscellaneous 12.73 mb and available space 4.53 gb....where is my other memory of my tab ....?

  95. Do back up and reset.

  96. Guys remember to close KIES before you start! or else it wont start the flash

  97. Any upadte for.....Kitkat firmware for gtp6200... i dont want cynogenmode...