Monday, September 24, 2012

Install/Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S3 to Official 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Kies Update I9300XXDLIB

Here's how to manually upgrade the Samsung Galaxy S3  to official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean I9300XXDLIB firmware update  build. The XXDLIB is the first official Jelly bean update for Galaxy S3 rolled out in Poland and all other regions will also getting it soon thru Kies or via OTA (over the air). This update will make your Galaxy S3 a lot more faster and smoother since there are major changes will be applied from previous build Ice Cream Sandwich or ICS.

Update: Most latest build I9300XXDLJ4, released across Europe regions. So check it out.

Firmware details:
Device: Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 (International)
Version: Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean (official)
Region: Europe
Country: Poland
Build Date: 21-09-2012

How to Install I9300XXDLIB Android 4.1.1 Latest Official Firmware on Samsung Galaxy S3

Warning: This is the first Jelly bean update, a major changes will take effect on our devices. Some configuration that works from previous build ICS may  not work on this Jelly bean update. This is the first released and please apply precaution.
This is the procedure on how to manually upgrade the Samsung Galaxy S3 to official Android 4.1.1 Jelly bean I9300XXDLIB. This method is by using Odin, since we can't get this update thru Kies for we are outside Poland. This firmware is compatible with all Samsung Galaxy S3 variants with model number GT-I9300 only  (International version) and cannot be used on U.S and Canada Galaxy S3 variants like SGH I747/M, SCH-I535, SGH-T999/V and  SPH-L710 and so on.

Grab Odin flasher tools and USB Driver:
Odin3_v3.07 link
GT-I9300 USB Driver
Grab the original I9300XXDLIB Stock ROM:
Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 Stock Firmware

I9300XXDLIB  CSC file included:

Optional CSC changes: You can change it accordingly if you have those default CSC file currently in your device. To those who doesn't know about CSC files, this means this is very much likely compatible to these Galaxy S3 variants released in the following European countries below but also works on all GT-I93000 models.
SEB - Baltic States Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Caucasian states Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia
Czech Republic
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Others: Just check your phone's CSC Codes
Disclaimer: Proceed and use this method solely at your own risk!

FAQ about flashing Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) I9300XXDLIB stock ROM:

Q: Did it increase the flash counter of the phone?
A: No, flashing original stock firmware will not trip  your phone's flash counter, it only increases when you install any custom ROM, unofficial or leaked firmware.

Q: My phone is already rooted, does it remove root?
A: Yes, once you flash official firmware it will return to its original factory default settings, you will lose root and you need to root again.

Before you proceed prepare the necessary things as follows:
- Create a sync and backup all your personal data, like: Contacts, Messages, Applications, Pictures and Videos, so that you will not lose it just in-case something might went wrong after the update.
- Make sure that the phone’s battery is fully charge to ensure stability and avoid power failure issues while updating.
-Close all softwares, such as KIES suite, Antivirus, firewalls, to prevent the possible conflicts.
-Prepare a personal computer or laptop with Windows XP, Vista, 7 or later OS, and you must deactivate the antivirus from your computer and you must have an administrator access, to be able to download and install the drivers.

Install I9300XXDLIB Official Jelly Bean Odin Flashing Procedure for Galaxy S3 GT-I9300

1) Extract or unzip the downloaded I9300XXDLI8 firmware or stock ROM so that you'll get the Odin flashable tar.
SS_DL.dll (this cannot be used but do not delete, it's the firmware extension driver file)

2) Run Odin Downloader v3.07 flasher program.

3) Load the binary file.  Click on the PDA button then browse to the folder where you extracted the stock ROM
4. Do Not check the Re-Partition checkbox. Mark check these checkboxes Auto Reboot and F-Reset Time.
5. Reboot the phone in download mode: To reboot the Galaxy S3 into  download mode , you need to turn the power off.  After it completely shut down,  just  press and hold the Volume Down key,  Home button and the Power ON/OFF button simultaneously.
Samsung Galaxy S3 Download Mode buttons Volume Down,HOME,Power keys
You should then prompted into a warning screen and asking you  to press volume up if you want to continue or volume down to cancel, just simply press volume up to get into download mode. The download mode then displays an Android robot and say’s “Downloading.. Do not turn off target!!”
6. Connect the phone to PC when it’s in the Download Mode screen.
7. Hit the “START’ button.

10. Wait until a word “PASS’ appears.
11. Remove the phone from PC once completely reboots.

You may then confirm the newly installed Jelly Bean from your device:
About>Settings> Firmware info or type *#1234# and see if it's already I9300XXDLIB Jelly Bean build.


  1. My GS3 is from Vodafone Australia.
    I am just confused if I should I update via your instructions.

    Do I have to change CSC?

    Product Code: GT-I9300RWOVAU


  2. This does not have VAU CSC file.

  3. Since doing this kids says it no longer supports upgrades to my s3 is this normal

  4. Thanks for the instructions and links to downloads.

    At first it kept restarting. Did a factory wipe, now it is running perfect. So smooth and lightening fast compared to ICS.

  5. Since doing this kies says it doesn't support upgrading can anyone help me fix this

  6. It can be easily fix by installing back the original firmware from your SGS3 country/provider origin, since this one is supposed to be for Poland users only. You can also simply fix it by installing the official Jelly bean build when officially push in your area soon.

    If you are bothered with it and want to fix it now. Reply me with your SGS3 country/carrier of origin.
    Then and I will give you the official ICS firmware that you can use to revert back your device.

    Advance users like us uses Odin for we always get the most latest firmware update first before Samsung releases an update in our region, we don't rely on Kies. Kies has its long story of many issues I can't tell.
    Like for example: I flash this over my unbranded Germany SGS3 which has a DBT CSC file. It won't update on Kies since there is no Jelly Bean release yet by now, but when the Germany official JB firmware push by Samsung, I will flash that said stock ROM then Kies won't bother me anymore.

  7. Hi,
    I live in Croatia but have a Slovenian provider (MOT) branded S3 and I cannot change CSC on this firmware. I want to get rid of this.
    My plan was to flash this Polish Jelly Bean update via Odin and change the CSC to "TRA"(which is Croatian unbranded CSC, I suppose).

    Question is, will I be able to perform any further updates normally via Kies?

    Thank you!

  8. I did it, like in tutorial and now i got an error.
    -i had telephone in T-mobile (Poland),
    -istallation went well(pass), but now kies does not see phone, and i have no CSC and by writing *#272.... i'm not able to change it, it says on *#1234# that CSC is unknown.

    Please help me with this one.

    I'd appreciate it.

  9. Does you're phone is already unlocked when you installed this?
    Try to use Galaxy CSC Changer from Google Store, there are still somethings we need to figure out since this is the first ever Jelly Bean. Some configuration works from ICS before but will never work anymore in JB.

  10. *#272IMEI# does do anything after flash. What should I do?

  11. Did the upgrade last night on my S3 GT-I9300 on the Vodacom network in South Africa and it worked 100%. Repeated the upgrade on a colleagues S3 that is with the MTN network and it also worked 100%. Thank you very much for the article and procedure! :-D

  12. Same problem here: on *#1234# no CSC
    I have mobile phone in Holland / Vodafone.

  13. There's never any Mac specific instructions for flashing Android. Gay!

  14. You can use mobile Odin if you only have MAC.
    As we know Samsung and Apple were not friendly with each other. lol!

  15. hi,
    first I wanna thank you for the clear and straight-forward tutorial. i updated it and it went smoothly and works 99% fine. the 1% flaw I noticed is the email app went very dim if I open. it can be read anyhow but it is not same when I had the ICS.
    the major improvement i notice is faster charging and of my s3 and better battery life. but i notice that during the first few seconds after it is plug in with USB cable (for charging), the LED lights with a dim red then after few seconds, it will be brighter (same as ICS).
    this is my 2nd day of testing the JB XXDLIB though and i am optimistic it will not give me more hassles later on.
    but when things come to worse, reverting back to original ICS will be the last option to make hence i am asking a favor from you that please help me to find the original ICS for my S3. i live here in Bahrain and I bought my S3 from Viva-bahrain.
    Thank you very much in advance..

  16. If you can still remember your previous firmware build, send it to me.
    I am not too much familiar with Bahrain's default firmware build numbers.

    Here's how I did when I can't find any available specific build.
    - back up all files.
    - install nearby Middle East firmware builds- for it also built with other Middle East countries default CSC's i.e United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    - then use CSC changer apps from G-Play.

  17. I am in the uk with an o2 contract from my o2 locked galaxy nexus that I am now using on an unlocked(sim free/unbranded) s3 I9300 that was bought in India.
    Baseband version:I9300DDLH1
    Build Number:IMM76D.I9300XXBLH1
    Wanna upgrade to jellybean as expereinced the benefit with my galaxy nexus but not sure how the India version would react with the above specs would react to this. Anyone got any idea?

  18. Thank you very much for your prompt response..
    I am afraid I was not able to note down my previous firmware build.
    Maybe I will just try to install the Middle East firmware build. Can you please cite the link where I can download this?
    Thank you very much.

    Another flaw I encountered in this JB upgrade is that my Smart Keyboard Pro freezes when inputting so I stopped and used Hacker's Keyboard instead.

  19. Can you send me the original ICS firmware (with touchwiz) for Denmark. I want to download jelly bean OTA

  20. Denmark 3 SGS3 Stock ROM: HTD_I9300XXBLH3_I9300HTDBLH1

  21. please I need orginal Ice Cream Sandwich to install back, I had problem with kies it's shown msg i the jelly bean t's not Incompatible with the keis!! thats why I need to install back Ice Cream Sandwich for middle east(kuwait)
    please if you can help me

  22. I'm using the Polish Rom on my UK O2 Galaxy S3 with no problems

  23. Hi lance, yea I figured it shouldn't be a only concern was that the phone was bought in India and although it's the international I9300 version, the csc code wasn't on the list above.Anyway, didn't wanna risk it over the wrong csc code unless someone confirms this one works, might have to continue the agonizing wait!

  24. hi. can you please give me the original ics saudi arabia version for s3. thank you

  25. Hi, kindly note that I downloaded the Odin 3.04 on my pc Windows 7 and I extract the zip but when I try to run the Odin.exe a message pop up displaying something about missing tmax.dll. please I need your helpReply

  26. hi. can you help me with ics for my s3? i need the software from saudi arabia official.. thank you in advance

  27. Try another version Odin3_v3.07. If its still occurs, it must be PC issue..

  28. Thank you. I will try it asap

  29. I have an unlocked phone with firmware build i9300bulg2, ie Vodafone UK, but am now using Three as network provider. Will I receive a firmware upgrade from Samsung at all? Would upgrading to official Jellybean I9300XXDLIB work? Many thanks.

  30. Hi sir Renato,
    This will work on Galaxy S3 with model number "GT-I9300" carrier branded or unbranded/generic variants. But be cautious if this is your first time heard about this method.

    When you install this build, you can't get any update from Samsung Kies server or via OTA anymore even this is an official firmware, Kies software will check your device default region/country/provider firmware build code, and since this is from other region's firmware kies will ignore your device from upgrading, this also happens via OTA it will just keep on failing.

    This is simply how it works, like for example if I have my device purchased from UK, which of-course already installed with a default UK i.e generic/vodafone/orange/t-mobile/virgin mobile firmware build.
    Then, if I will take this device in Australia, I can't update it via Kies or OTA anymore too, for Samsung will only release a firmware build for Australia devices only.

    So, the only option for this is by manual upgrading thru Odin or any other flashing tools like Heimdall/CWM/Mobileodin same as odin.

    If you really wanted to try this method and get rid of any confusion, download a copy of your current firmware build "i9300bulg2 as your back-up stock firmware.

    You can simply revert back from your current firmware build, in-case something went wrong.

    Vodafone UK
    Latest firmware: I9300BUBLG3/I9300VFGBLG3/I9300BULG2/I9300BUBLG3
    Build: 7/28/2012 2:54:44 PM

    You can flash the above stock ROM using the-same method above anytime you want and you will still receive any official update from Samsung. Good luck!

    Anyway, this method is for advanced users only who always wants to get ahead of any latest android development, this folks never uses Kies nor update via OTA.

  31. Does anyone have original jelly bean firmware for the UK?:(

  32. I wanted to add that my phone is from Carphone Warehouse without any simlock

  33. original ICS I meant of course

  34. No official update for UK galaxy s3 so far, both branded and unbranded.

  35. DroidAngel I flashed the jellybean 3uk version DLJ1 now my phone wont work with kies for updates and I cant access my CSC and the play store apps wont work either...... Got any ideas?

  36. if you flashed 3UK DLJ1 on unlocked I9300 which uses BTU CSC file, it mostly resulted to undesired outcomes.. there are lots of bloatwares loaded by 3 network. You can't access the CSC file now on Jelly Bean without using the CSC changer apps from Google Play, or doing it manually thru ADB command (expert method).
    Play store apps may now not work perfectly especially most of these apps are created by individual developers and not covered by Samsung. Some apps needs root before you can install it and make it work.

    I suggest you should return your device to its previous original firmware to re-instate its full function and wait until the official firmware for your device appears.
    We are keeping an eye of the BTU build, I believe this could be the most stabler build when release.

  37. Currently installed AP: I9300XXBLH1, CP I9300XXLH1, CSC I9300AUTBLHT and thought this would be the unbranded Samsung stock rom for Switzerland. However, I noticed that branded Swisscom phones already received updates 4.1.1 while I did not neither OTA nor Kies.I always thought unbranded stock roms would receive the update first, so either I am not using a stock rom right now or something has changed?

  38. Why not update using the Swisscom stock ROM.. Its still the same, but added with default Swisscom bloatware of course.

  39. exactly because of bloatware. The jingle alone when starting the phone drives me crazy.

  40. Good Day. im from philippines i got my s3 from online store when i checked the csc the device came from portugal. question: can i recieve OTA or via Kies to update into JB? or if i flash this into JB stock rom I9300XXDLJ1_I9300OLBDLJ1_XTC for philippines will this work and get update via ota or kies whenever new update is available. Do i need to change the csc from TPH to XTC after flashing the rom? sorry for having so many question. hoping for any response thank you.

  41. Here's the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia official Jellybean, I did not reply you instantly since it's not available yet earlier.KSA_I9300XXDLJ1_I9300OJVDLJ1

  42. Yes, it does, no need to change if you're in the Philippines.

  43. Hi, Could you please give me link to ICS (unbranded) firmware for Switzerland? I want to installed official Jelly Bean update. Many thanks in advance.

  44. Here you go ICS 4.0.4 Switzerland AUT unbranded: AUT_I9300XXBLH1_I9300AUTBLH1

  45. Good Day. Sir i did flash the rom then change the csc from TPH to TXC. now when i tried to go to Settings->About Device->Updates the message display something like this Device has been change.

  46. hi DroidAngel,
    can you please tell me and give me a link for official jelly bean release in Saudi Arabia?
    thank you so much in advance....


  47. It's not free, pay me... lol!
    Here you go GT-I9300 KSA... KSA_I9300XXDLJ1_I9300OJVDLJ1

  48. maybe a bunch of flowers and chocolates? :D
    thanks so much....
    take care and be at best health

  49. I'm also on Vodacom in SA.
    Can you still update OTA or via Kies as JB updates become available?


  50. For branded version, you should check it out via OTA, it is handled by your local network operators support team and not Samsung. Samsung just push the update to them and then those folks will decide on when to release it, since they also make sure that their default apps and settings works well.. That's how it goes..

  51. Android version : 4.0.4
    Baseband version: I9300XXLE8
    Build number: IMM76D.I9300XXALE9

    I have tried updating firmware/software via Kies and Manually (Settings > Apps > Software upgrade)
    Error code: Failed to update firmware due to network or server problem.
    My Kies indicates the latest firmware is loaded


  52. bridget.z@hotmail.comNovember 15, 2012 at 1:01 AM

    Android version : 4.0.4
    Baseband version: I9300XXLE8
    Build number: IMM76D.I9300XXALE9

    I have tried updating firmware/software via Kies and Manually (Settings > Apps > Software upgrade)
    Error code: Failed to update firmware due to network or server problem.
    My Kies indicates the latest firmware is loaded


  53. Download the latest Kies, your Kies might be outdated and causes the problem...
    Some factors affecting error failures:
    1. Your Galaxy S3 might be rooted.
    2. Your Galaxy S3 might run with modified firmware and a custom recovery.

  54. I have 2 , i have the same problem like yours. Pls help us, pls solve our problem regarding in csc. I live here in the phils. Ty

  55. How about the ics here in the philippines. Ty. Pls send me the links.ty

  56. please please help ,i want to revert back to ice cream sandwich after a jallybean update can you tell me how,frustrated,on many levels.

  57. Hello,i bought a sumsung s3 i tried to update it, it updated only to 4.0.4 and its giving me no update available many thanks if someone can reply with the help on my email
    Thanks alot

  58. Please provide us your country or network provider and your device product code. We can help you for that..

  59. Works in South Africa. I9300 Thanks.

  60. Hello, I have the same problem. Just bought a new Galaxy s3 on the SK telecom network in South Korea and it only lets me update to 4.0.4. What can I do to get Jelly Bean? Model #: SHW-M440s. Much thanks in advance.

  61. Baseband: M440SKSLH1
    Build #: IMM76D.M440SKSALH3

  62. Here's the latest Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Korean SGS3Android SKT_M440SKSJLJ2_M440SSKTALJ2

  63. I have been trying to get this going for the past three days but is failing all the time. Kies is useless and OTA is taking forever to complete in Sout Africa,. How did you do it. I am on Vodacom.

  64. Currently:

    Can you help me to find the official firmware for Egypt ?
    Thanks in advance

  65. hi. i was just about to update my rooted s3 from stock rooted 4.0.1 to 4.1.1 via kies. i would like to know if the update will also SIM lock my phone. i was one click away when i saw the firmware information. it's something like: "current firmware version: PDA:LF4 / PHONE:LF2 / CSC:LF2 (ORO)", "latest firmware version: PDA:LJ4 / PHONE: LI1 / CSC LJ1 (ORO)" and i guess that ORO comes from Orange Romania. I am not using the phone with Orange. does someone know anything about this?

  66. hey could you help me from South Africa with my Carrier: MTN
    these are my details

    AP: I9300XXBLFB
    CP: I9300XXLFB
    CSC : I9300OJVBLF3

  67. Have you checked it on Kies and OTA? Jelly Bean is already out in South Africa.
    PDA: I9300XXDLJ1
    CSC: I9300OJVDLJ2

  68. KIES AND OTA is so slow literally its says 17 hours ota and then after an hour it stops with an error and kies stays at 0% for longer than an hour, ota i do via the wifi but still same problem

  69. Post here the CSC code of your S3 since I am not too familiar codes in South Africa. Which of the following? XFA,XFE,XFV or XFM.

  70. my Samsung s3 SGH-i747(at&t) to support i9300 version....please help me

  71. hi there droid angel, my samsung S3 was updating & while doing that my battery died & now the phone is acting up & when i try to update it says lateset release updated on device, can you please help me update the phone

  72. Give me the CSC code and your firmware info.

  73. CSC I9300XXDLJ1
    many thanks

  74. Also been trying to get this working!! SA update takes forever...the servers speed is ridiculous

  75. Whats wid the red led while chargin....i update my fone to jb nd nw while chrgin the red led gets on very bright(as in ics) and afta few mins it this a bug or a new feature?:-(

  76. Hi all will this update to of4.1.2 for I9300 void my warantee ,even if its a different country I plan to use odin kies has no updates, reason i ask having issues with my phone with it charging so I want to try update and see if it helps if not i plan to send it in for repair?

    Please if i could get a true answer ot a link i will really appreciate it

  77. This is 4.1.1 and you are talking about Android 4.1.2 which is in now recently out in Poland. Post your country and provider here...

  78. No it won't because once the version for your specific update for your country comes out you can flash it again the same way and then will be able to update via ota or kies again

  79. South Africa i9300 XFA MTN thanks! so would it void warantee if wrong country

  80. No, only Custom ROM, Custom recovery rooting can void warranty.
    Here's SGS3 South Africa XFA Stock: I9300XXDLJ1_I9300OJVDLJ2_XFA

  81. Thank you I decided to send it in giving too many problems....but still the best phone ever when it did work apparently a bad batch of motherboards when trying to make a call no audio at all...and giving overheating messages...Just wish I did not have to wait six weeks for them so swop out only had it for +- three months

  82. I need help kies says i have latest firmware but its 4.0 and I tried odin with jb 4.1.2 and it hangs on nand write please help thanks!!
    Ap: i9300XXBLFB
    Cp: i9300XXLFB
    Csc: i9300OJVBLF3

  83. Skype is nothing to do with Android, since its a 3rd-party apss. If you are not upgraded to latest 4.0.4 S i.e S7562XXALL1 or S7562XXALK1 should then try updating your device. Now do it manually if Kies points you to no avail of the said software update. Google those build numbers on how to install.