Wednesday, September 5, 2012

P6200DXLPB ICS 4.0.4 for Asia Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus P6200 Firmware Update Release

Latest official firmware update P6200DXLPB for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus released in South East Asian region - Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. It is now packed in Android 4.0.4  Ice Cream Sandwich, an upgrade from previous version 3.2 Honeycomb P6200DXKL2 last year.

The P6200DXLPB is already on Kies, so better check it out and get your Tab 7.0 Plus fully upgraded to the latest Android 4.0.4  Ice Cream Sandwich tweaks.

P6200DXLPB ICS 4.0.4 firmware info

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus GT-P6200
Region: South East Asia
Country: Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam
Latest firmware: P6200DXLPB/P6200OLBLP8/P6200DXLP5/P6200DXLPB
Version: Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich

P6200DXLPB ICS 4.0.4 Stock ROM

These stock ROM are for those advance users who previously installed custom ROM, other regions firmware and or can't upgrade anymore from Kies. These are all original Odin flashable stock ROM, unrooted, unmodifed and whatsoever.

Indonesia - XSE_P6200DXLPB_P6200OLBLP8_P6200DXLPB
Malaysia - XME_P6200DXLPB_P6200OLBLP8_P6200DXLPB
Singapore - XSP_P6200DXLPB_P6200OLBLP8_P6200DXLPB
Thailand - THL_P6200DXLPB_P6200OLBLP8_P6200DXLPB
Philippines Smart - SMA_P6200DXLPB_P6200OLBLP8_P6200DXLPB
Philippines Globe - GLB_P6200DXLPB_P6200OLBLP8_P6200DXLPB
Philippines SUN - XTC_P6200DXLPB_P6200OLBLP8_P6200DXLPB
Vietnam - XXV_P6200DXLPB_P6200OLBLP8_P6200DXLPB

For stock ROM odin flashing procedure, just follow the this detailed guide.

For those who already upgrade to P6200DXLPB ICS 4.0.4, let everyone knows of how's the firmware performance works well . Just leave some words on our comment form below, for some improvements, bug fixes and any related issues.


  1. i'm from the philippines. i flashed my tab p6200 with the official 4.0.4 ics firmware used in austria with firmware:P6200XXLQ1/P6200OXALQ1/P6200XXLQ1/P6200XXLQ1. this asia firmware now available in asia is P6200DXLPB/P6200OLBLP8/P6200DXLP5/P6200DXLPB. does anyone know if there are any differences in the austrian and asian builds?

  2. So far the upgrade is good...however the keyboard isn't updated to ICS version...:(

  3. so far, my main concern is that it is not rootable.

    and yes, the super-brick bug is still present. bricked mine by wiping thru the stock recovery.

    samsung philippines insists though that the ICS is not yet available thru KIES, and my warranty is void.

  4. Not rootable? No thx lol

  5. i'm gonna stick w/ my Austrian ICS rooted :))

  6. I stay in thailand.My tab no work wifi please help me!

  7. Great Updated via kies . great battery improvement, now i don't have to turn off and on my WiFi / data connection. i keep it on all the time and battery can hold for 1,5 day with interns use of internet.

  8. Great Updated via kies . great battery improvement, now i don’t have to turn off and on my WiFi / data connection. i keep it on all the time and battery can hold for 1,5 day with intens use of internet.

  9. Would you mind telling me the procedure on how to upgrade my tab p200? I'm not techie, so please have it in layman's term. thanks..

  10. Im from Malaysia. I bought mine a parallel imported unit. Baseband : P6200XXKL7 ; Kernel : 2.6.36-P6200XXKL7-CL604659 se.infra@SEI-43 #3 ; Build # : HTJ85B.XXKL7 P6200XXKL7. I believed this is a Europe set.
    Question : Can I flash using this firmware update (P6200DXLPB ICS 4.0.4) released for South East Asia (Malaysia) ?

  11. Actually Yes, before you update just remember or make a note the APN settings of your phone - for it will be reset. Just proceed with extra precaution if this your very first time doing this flashing thing to your device.

  12. I am in UK. How can I upgrade to ics?

  13. Sir, I don't know what happen about the support of this tablet in UK. If your Galaxy Tab firmware is still on Honeycomb 3.2 P6200XXKL7_P6200XEUKL1, if I'm not mistaken, it is sad to say that there is no any official update available. If you already tired of waiting, you can do update by this method, but don't use this firmware for it is for Asia P6200 only. There is a European build that already proven works to your UK galaxy tab:

  14. I have successfully flash my Tab to ICS for about 2 weeks now. Initially the GPS completely unable to detect any satellites. I tried to google for solutions but to no avail. After a few days, somehow, I also upgrade my Kies on PC to the latest version and did some file transfer between Kies and my ICS Tab.
    4 days ago when I just playing with the GPS again, it seems to work and the satellite update is really fast, just a matter of within 10-15 seconds. I do not actually did anything on the GPS setting but it just work. Could it be the Kies connection unlock certain setting ? im not sure.
    Thanks again for your post and instruction.

  15. Im from malaysia.My tab update is available but i cant update via odin and kies...why

  16. Did you do some modification from it like rooting or installed custom ROM.
    If your tab is untouched, try to grab latest Kies then install it.
    While using Odin, make sure you have a USB driver installed, a perfectly working USB cable and PC runs with Windows OS.

  17. Hello. I'm from the Philippines.
    I flashed my Tab with the Austria firmware. Baseband Version: P6200XXLQ1
    So, now, the Asia firmware, specifically Philippines, was realeased. Can I flash it again with this firmware without my Tab being bricked after? Thanks. :))

  18. Yes,but i already remove all custom to unroot my tab.

  19. Yes, yes and yes.. It won't brick if you're in the right track! :)

  20. Unroot means than you need to restore back your device to its original factory default firmware settings. Then how to completely unroot? its simply like using the method above.

  21. i'm from malaysia.My galaxy tab 7 plus now is using android honeycomb 3.2.Does my tab has this update..This my galaxy tab information:

    Model number : GT-P6200
    Android Version : 3.2
    Baseband Version : P6200DXKK5
    Kernel Version : 2.6.26-P6200DXKL3-CL608366root@DELL155 #3
    Build number: HTJ85B P6200DXKL3

    Does this model have the ICS update..please..@DroidAngel

  22. hi im from malaysia i alreaady download the software and already flashed and working very well but when i connect wifi its showing not in range. but my brothers tab its working well. how to solve this problem. i need urgently tq

  23. Re-configure the APN settings... copy the APN inputs like provider etc. from your brother's tab.

  24. I've updated my P6200 to ICS. Interface is fluid. One thing I noticed is battery charging is taking more time than when it was in honeycomb 3.2. From 3-4 hours now it takes 8 hours! Is it a bug? Sometimes it hangs when viewing videos. I had to reboot it two times. Aside from that everything else is fine. I hope Samsung releases JellyBean soon.

  25. Hi, I'm from the Philippines. I already flashed my tab to ICS the ROM for Smart. But my mobile data connection was disabled. Upon checking Settings->About Device->Status->Mobile network state: Disconnected.

    APN settings is correct, "use packet data" is enabled and mobile data is turned on. Please help?