Monday, September 17, 2012

T999UVDLI8 4.1.1 Jelly Bean For T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 leaked

Another OTA update Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean leaked for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 recently, and seems its nearly coming. The build number is T999UVDLI8 hits another from previous leaks from T999UVDLI7 to T999UVDLI3‎.

Some undesired issues are still present on this firmware since this is only a beta test build by Samsung developer for the upcoming official 4.1.1 Jelly Bean soon. Only advance users can use this ROM, for they truly understand what this leaky thing is all about.  So, anyone out there who can give it a try, here' a ROM packages for you.

T999UVDLI8 Stock Deodexed + Root

LEAK T-Mobile T999UVDLI8 Rom with the following:


  • Insecure Kernel

  • Completely deodexed

  • Rooted with SuperSU

  • Zipaligned

  • Busybox

  • CIQ stuff removed

  • init.d Support

  • Bloat can be removed, but I'll leave it to the user.

  • If you lose root just re-root with SuperSU...

Grab it here posted by Wildchld

Here's another one

Stock Deodexed + Root T999UVDLI8 Rom

LEAK T-Mobile T999UVDLI8 Jelly Bean:


  • Completely deodexed

  • Rooted

  • Zipaligned

  • Busybox

  • All bloat still in

  • Just reroot if your root is lost

  • May have bugs since its a leak

  • CIQ removed

  • Video Record Fix Found Thanks to djintrigue808

Give it a try here posted by skyyrocket

Again, typical users DO NOT EVER attempt to install this ROM, for you will screwed up your phone if you do not truly understand how this firmware works.


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