Monday, October 22, 2012

How to Install/Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 to Jelly Bean I9300XXDLJ2

I9300XXDLJ2 is the fourth official Android 4.1.1 Jelly bean firmware build update for Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300. It is now recently heading to France unbranded and with those carriers with Bouygues network Galaxy S3's. The I9300XXDLJ2 firmware still has the I9300XXDLID modem version but it is much more fresher build than the I9300XXDLIH build released in Germany's unbranded Galaxy S3's. It seems a much more fluid build when it comes to smoothness since the touchwiz launcher is noticeably improved a little bit. Other than that, I see no major changes, it's still the same from previous releases - no multi view function, no video player brightness control option, the status bar still in grey color that some users always talk about.

I9300XXDLJ2 Bugs and battery improvements?

Advance users who already tried it earlier reported no complaints about any  bugs issues like FC's (force closed)..  But some experience and complains lags on a some certain apps. Well, heck some apps was already laggy even on ICS, I can live with that. Battery improvements is too early to tell, but it's not a big deal, since there is no serious battery drain problem has been complained when the first Jelly bean update rolled out.

Can I Update My Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 to Jelly Bean I9300XXDLJ2

Only Galaxy S3 users in France can get this update via Kies or OTA update. Other countries may still have to wait until this update will be soon available in your areas. But, if you can't wait you can install this update manually on unbranded Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 and not to be used in U.S and Canada variants like SGH-I747/M and SGH-T999/V. You should just at-least exactly understand how this method works. If you do not have any idea, what I'm talking here, then leave your device untouched.

FAQ about flashing Jelly bean stock ROM

Here’s a few frequently ask questions that might make it all crystal clear.

Q: Can I install this jelly bean firmware on my phone?
A: Yes! as long you already knows what this is all about and other circumstances it may bring. You used a GT-I9300 Galaxy S3 (international) only works best on  European regions, since this is a European firmware build.

Q: Will this work properly on my phone, since I heard many people reporting some issues.?
A: It is your personal choice, no one is forcing you to do so.

Q: My phone is rooted, will I lost root?
A: Yes, root will be wiped out after installing and you need to root again.

Q: Is my phone will still receives any official update from Samsung when the Jelly Bean for my country/provider arrives?
A: No! this is another region firmware, kies will check your device firmware version build before it gives an update. But you can still revert it back to previous firmware and can update on Kies again or you can also upgrade the same method above to upgrade your device manually.
Note: we don’t hate kies.

Q: So how to revert back again to my previous ICS firmware if I see some issues which was not happened before?
A: Download the current firmware build of your phone. Then you can use it to return back your device once you won’t fall in-love with Jelly bean update. You can check it out via your phone>settings>about> firmware version  or type *#1234# and then Google it, just indicate the PDA and CSC build numbers.
examples of ICS PDA codes:

examples of ICS CSC codes:

Q: Will this void the warranty of my precious phone?
A: No, this is an original firmware created and released by Samsung. This will not even trip the flash binary counter on your device, it’s a system security installed by Samsung on our devices to monitor if we modified our phone like rooting and installing unofficial firmware.

Q: Is this safe, I heard someone ended up bricking his/her phone?
A: there is a risk danger doing this if you just take this slightly, just take extra precautions before you proceed.
If you do not truly understand what this is all about, then refrain from doing so. Some reported bricks happens in U.S and Canadian variants when they installed a wrong kernel, and images from Galaxy S3 I9300 like this one, for they do not yet before that U.S and Canada are far different from galaxy S3 international. But there has been already a fix for that matter.

Odin flashing procedure I9300XXDLJ2 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Firmware

This is a manual upgrading using the I9300XXDLIH stock ROM, this is the same firmware released by Samsung via Kies or OTA, but just being pulled from Samsung server so that advance users and 3rd-party developers can use it and or give it a try.
Disclaimer: Proceed at your own risk! We can't help you if anything happens to your device by using this method.

Grab Odin flasher Odin3_v3.07 link and USB driver.

Grab the Jelly Bean stock ROM

I9300XXDLJ2_XEF 4.1.1 - Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 Firmware

Prepare things as follows:
- Fully re-charge your phone’s battery.
- Back up all important files store from your phone’s internal memory. although this will not wipe the data after installation.
- Use a good working USB cable wire,
- A computer laptop runs in Windows OS, this will not work on MAC, Samsung and Apple are not friends.
- Disable Kies and any open programs that might interrupt the process.

Others: Do not shout here like “Setup connection failed” error issues, unless you don’t read this.

Step 1: Install the USB driver and Extract the downloaded I9300XXDLJ2 stock ROM

Odin can read the file if not extracted, so you need to “unzipped” it first, so that you’ll get the .tar.md5 binary file.

Step 2: Run and configure Odin

Just right-click Odin3_v3.07.exe and run as administrator, then configure its settings:
DO NOT Check This!!!!! “RE-PARTITION”
check these boxes “AUTO-REBOOT” and “F-RESET TIME”

Step 3: Load the binary file on PDA button

Click on the PDA button then browse to the folder where you extracted the stock ROM then select and load it.

Step 4: Reboot the phone in download mode

To reboot the Galaxy S3 into  download mode , you need to turn the power off.  After it completely shut down,  just  press and hold the Volume Down key,  Home button and the Power ON/OFF button simultaneously.
Samsung Galaxy S3 Download Mode buttons Volume Down,HOME,Power keys
You should then prompted into a warning screen and asking you  to press volume up if you want to continue or volume down to cancel, just simply press volume up to get into download mode. The download mode then displays an Android robot and say’s “Downloading.. Do not turn off target!!”

Step 5: Connect the phone to PC

When the phone is in the Download Mode screen, connect it to the computer using the USB cable, you should see an ID:COM port number and it turn to a blue color – as an indication that the phone is already recognized by Odin. Also a word “Added” on Odin’s log box”

Step 6: Hit the “START’ button

Once all properly set and ready to flash, just hit the “START” button below odin’s window.

Step 7: Wait for a word “PASS’

At the end of the flashing process, a word “PASS” will display and this means that the installation is already finishes.
Juts wait until the phone, completely normally reboots, then remove it from PC connection.

You may then confirm the newly installed Jelly Bean from your Samsung Galaxy S3:
About>Settings> Firmware info or type *#1234# and see if it’s already I9300XXDLJ2 firmware build.

Optional: Change the default language which is in France– French to your own language. All European languages are also included on this packaged. You may also need to re-reconfigure APN settings, if any network data connection problem encounters.

That’s it! Any questions or something to add here like interesting features you discovered, any bugs and other issues? just drop it on our comment form below.


  1. i keep getting a red box flashing up around the edge of the screen

  2. The 'Strict Mode' might enabled on your device, that causes the red box appears
    Go to> Setting in the 'Developer Options'
    Untick 'Strict Mode' box and then reboot.

  3. After I finished all the steps above I kept getting a black window/box on the home screen containing yellow texts. The texts said PDA: I9300XXDLJ2, PHONE: I9300XXDLID, CSC: I9300XEFDLJ2, H/W: REV_, etc. Also when I tried making a phone call I got a popup saying "not registered to network". I haven't been able to use my phone since then.

  4. What country and network provider are you at right now? and what device you exactly flash this stock ROM?

  5. I live in Canada and am with Rogers. I bought the phone from newegg and it seems to have come from France (language in the packaging and the manual is in French). When I did a factory reset the device came back up with default language as French too so I guess France was the origin of the phone. Anyway, I downgraded my phone to 4.0.4 with a stock ROM from August which I downloaded from sammobile. It also has "XEF" in the name and it fixed the yellow text problem. So my thought is the phone is not ready for 4.1. I do not mind that at all and will stick with 4.0 for now.

    I did not back up my EFS folder and now the IMEI and S/N are screwed up. When I go to settings>about device>status everything looks normal but the IMEI showing is not the same as the one underneath the battery pack on the back. And the S/N is also now a sequence of zeroes. I think I have not been able to make phone calls because of this. Any suggestions how to get around this problem? Thanks a lot.

    By the way, I have read that changing IMEI is prohibited and the act is usually associated with stolen phones. To be honest, if the phone was a stolen one I would not have spent so much time fixing it. I would had better sell it quick for cheaper to somebody who knows how to fix things. The phone is my money and I am truly unhappy at the moment. Thanks for your help again.

  6. You are not going to change the lose IMEI but you can restore it. There is no easy fix for this problem. Try this
    IMEI Injection:
    If you have lost your IMEI and did not have a backup made this is how PureMotive and I were able to get his IMEI restored.
    Open RF NV Item Manager from the Start Clients menu.
    Click on Setting menu in RF NV Item Manager and select Comport.
    Select your phone from the list of ports and click ok.
    Go to File menu and select Read From Phone.
    You will get a list of NV items and their values from your phone.
    Look for item NV_UE_IMEI_I it will be item number 550 you can do a search for it using the search.
    If you are unable to find it you will need to add it in
    to do this go to Option => Customize NV Item List.
    Then look for the item on the left and move it to the right.
    Click OK now you should be able to find it.
    On the right you will see a set of 9 text boxes this is where your IMEI should be. If your IMEI is missing then you may not have any values in here at all.

    Click the Hex Check Box. The Hex values for your IMEI will consist of no more than 2 characters per a box and must match your IMEI or it will not take the values you enter. The IMEI is also listed in a special order so you must follow this guide to ensure your IMEI is correct to the T!!!!!

    The first box will always be an 8!

    Example if your IMEI was: 954091051099226

    then the boxes would look like so:


    Click on the button Write NV to write the values to your phone.
    Once they have been written reboot your phone and check to see if your IMEI has been restored.

    Remember to go back into the Hidden Menu and set your USB Settings back to MTP + ADB once you are done!!!!

  7. Wow! Restoring the IMEI seems difficult but I will give it a try nonetheless. Will let you know after. By the way, I think the link to the thread is not working. Could you double check that please? Thanks!