Thursday, October 18, 2012

I9300XXDLJ1 3/Three Network Galaxy S3 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Release

Samsung Galaxy S3 users under 3 network in Europe now receives an official Android 4.1.1. Jelly Bean with firmware build I9300XXDLJ1.  The carrier branded Galaxy S3 devices now seems getting official updates first before the unbranded or unlocked versions. Well, don't wonder it why? It's because the carrier providers are Samsung partners to have their devices sold and that's exactly of course they are going to get priority.  This only happens in Europe regions but in U.S and Canada giants networks no signs of any official Jelly bean update yet for the Galaxy S3, but just all leaks.

I9300XXDLJ1 Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean release update for Galaxy S3 GT-I9300

The I9300XXDLJ1 is now heading towards 3 network in UK, Ireland, Italy and Austria. Other countries with 3 network base in Europe probably follow soon. The I9300XXDLJ1 is the third official Jelly bean build just right after from previous releases I9300XXDLIH and I9300XXDLIB. This firmware build is slightly different from other builds since this one seems very small when it comes in package scaling. The DLIH is 838MB, DLIB is 774.6 MB while this one is DLJ1 is only 769MB. Too small compare from the first and second releases.

How to install or update Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 to I9300XXDLJ1

The I9300XXDLJ1 is already push via Samsung Kies or probably also push via OTA (Over the Air) and only available for Galaxy S3 users under 3 mobile operator as their carrier provider.  So, just check it out!

Can I install this on my Galaxy S3 using I9300XXDLJ1 stock ROM?
If you have an unbranded Galaxy S3 and you are currently outside of those countries and or already installed the Jelly bean DLIB or DLIH, I personally advise you to DO NOT install this one, there is nothing noticeably different I can tell in this build DLJ1. It is loaded with default system apps for 3 Network users only. But if your device is under 3 Network that has been already rooted or installed any custom ROM, and if you wanted to revert back your device to official jelly bean, then this one is best fit for you.

Here's the firmware build numbers of each countries and the original stock ROM:

Austria - I9300XXDLJ1/I9300DREDLI2/I9300NEDLI1
Italy - I9300XXDLJ1/I9300HUIDLJ1/I9300NEDLI1
Ireland - I9300XXDLJ1/I93003IEDLI2/I9300NEDLI1
UK - I9300XXDLJ1/I9300H3GDLJ1/I9300NEDLI1
Grab it here: Galaxy S3 I9300 Firmware

Read the guide here on how to manually install the above stock ROM.


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