Saturday, November 10, 2012

Install/Upgrade LG Optimus Black P970 to V28C ICS Official Ice Cream Sandwich Test Firmware

Here's a guide on how to install or flash the V28C official test firmware Ice Cream Sandwich for LG Optimus Black P970. This is for those who missed the update and still now runs with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. This firmware was release as of October 2012, just right after the earlier ICS version V28A. So, anyone who also installed the V28A can also advance to this new release.

This is only a round-up beta release or test firmware from LG mobile.  If you're a noob about this, then leave your device untouched. This is for advance users only and knows exactly what's the risk of installing a leaked firmware build.

Known bugs of V28C Ice Cream Sandwich

- There are some widget still missing like the Music,Favourite contact, power widget, task manager widget
- Some gesture features are missing.
- Lock screen style choosing deleted (In lockscreen settings menu).
- No boot animation (Boot animation just a lg picture).
- Some reports on battery draining problem
- The blue led's not working.
Disclaimer: We shall not be held responsible if  something happens to your device. We are not the the developer of this ROM. Proceed at your own risk!

Prerequisites before installing the V28C ICS update

- Back-up and sync all important data files from the phone.
- Make sure the battery is fully charge
- Configure your phone: Settings -> Applications -> Development, Tick USB Debugging
- Use PC/laptops runs on Windows OSX
- Your LGP9070 USB cable

Installing the V28C KDZ ROM file

1. Install Windows USB driver
2. Download and install Software Update utility
3. Download the KDZ ROM update
4.Connect the phone but DO NOT turn on USB storage
5. Run KDZ_FW_UPD.exe as Administrator
6. Set "Type" and "Phone Mode"
Select the .kdz file you downloaded in step 1
Press Lauch Software Update to start and wait (for 6~10 minutes) until you see --FINISHED-- line.

Sometimes it takes your phone  into Emergency mode.  Then it will reboot normally. Of somehow it just stuck on splash screen logo, you can simply fix it by turning it off thend then press and hold the [Power] + [Volume Down] + [Home] buttons then release the buttons 'till you see the droid with the progress bar under it.

Flashing the ICS v28C BIN and FLS files using Smart Flasher Tool

Grab the following files.
USB driver - (get from above link)
SmartFlasherTool - (pass:  bluedreams)
V28C Stock ROM BIN/FLS files -

1. Install the USB driver first
2. Extract or unzip the Smart Flash Tool program.
3. Extract or unzip downloaded V28C SFT Bin and FLS files, preferred location on C: drive, firmware pack: Then you'll get the two specific files BIN and FLS.
4. Run B_SmartFlashTool_Extern.exe
5. Configure SmartFlasher Tool and Load the files:

  • ROM copy D/L bookmark

  • in Select mode choose Normal mode

  • Load on CP option the CP.fls file

  • Load on AP option the AP.bin file

  • Connect the phone in S/W Update mode with battery in it (on the phone that is switched off, plug in USB cable while pressing holding down the "Vol+ button".

6) choose COM port.
7) choose LGE Mobile USB Serial Port in Communication Driver
8) Hit "START" button and then wait until it finishes flashing.

After successfully flashing, phone will reboot, you may also need to Factory Reset if ever just stuck on welcome screen.
That's all!

Kudos to Stefan Gündhör, marsgod, George Jetson and all fellow XDA-Developer members who runs a test of this ROM. You can join the discussion thread to get more details about this V28C ICS on LG Optimus Black P970.


  1. Hi DroidAngel, thx for this post! One Question: I have a LG P970 and i want to update it to ic4 beta, but can i lose my warranty by doing this update? greez Omar

  2. Thanks for the info provided in this post.

    It worked without any issues, and this long awaited ICS for P970 is so much better than the previous ones. It almost makes one think that we are handling a new phone.

  3. it say security error...plz help

  4. I thought andriod ginger 2.3 is dead end for p970 but thannks a lot to u i've updated to ics and it gives life to my optimus black. Lucky here !

  5. dead dl for the rom
    please fix

  6. what is the smart flasher tool password?

  7. i also want password..

  8. SFT Download link change, forget about the password.

  9. i can update my phone after long try.

    very nice rom..

    some problems are happening..

    but this ROM is much better then 2.3.4 v20g

    So thanks to developers...

  10. Hey, I went w/ the official ICS update but now the internal SD is gone! Lost like 5 gigs of space. Anyone else run into this?

  11. Can you help me update mine I can't do it I'm not very tech savy and my phone is giving me problem.

    I won't hold you responsible if anything goes wrong honest

  12. You can do it..:) here's more tutorials

  13. HI Droidangel ... i see that the KDZ links are not available ... any reason for that.

    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

  14. we have no control over the file links, it might be already removed or might also posted somewhere. :)