Tuesday, November 13, 2012

L900VPALJ1 Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900 Original Jelly Bean Factory Stock ROM

Here's your Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900 factory stock firmware.  If you are a tech-savvy and loves to modify your device then this is intentionally for you.  This stock ROM is useful if somehow you messed up something while tweaking your device and end up into soft-bricks. This is useful for fixing bricks or unbrick your bricked device in a simple steps ahead. If you also needs to unroot or restore to original Sprint firmware then you should also need this.

This stock ROM serves as your back-up copy when everything went wrong while you're on you way into modifying your device. Advance users always have this as their last resort to restore back their devices in no time, since rooting and installing customized ROM will void the warranty of the device and it won't let it receives any official software update from Samsung or Sprint via OTA or Kies updates.

Initializing software update on any modified devices may only result to often failures. So, the only option in order to receives any further official update via Kies/OTA, is to restore back or install back the original firmware first. Some users also uses the stock ROM for reverting back to official firmware in-case in need of warranty.   I'm not so sure that Samsung tech will not notice it, they'll know but they may still consider it, just to keep their costumers happy.

How to manually restore back Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2  SPH-L900 to L900VPaLJ1 Android 4.1.1 Jellybean on

Here’s the full factory stock images and untouched L900VPALJ1 Jelly Bean. This is a Odin flashable stock ROM which can only use to unroot and revert back your Sprint  Galaxy Note 2 to its original factory default firmware settings.

Grab Odin and USB driver:
Odin3_v3.07 link
Samsung USB Driver

Stock 4.1.1: SPH-L900_SPR_L900VPALJ1_L900SPTALJ1
Stock 4.1.2:  SPH-L900_SPR_L900VPAMC2_L900SPTAMC2
Disclaimer: Use of this method is solely at your own risk!

- Back-up all important data stored from the device
- Make sure the battery is fully charge
- Use PC runs with Windows OS and good USB serial port
- Reset Binary flash counter: Flashing stock ROM cannot reset the binary flash counter if it was already before being tripped when you install root or modified ROMs. So, you may need to manually reset using chainfire’s triangle away apps. (It won’t work this time as we speak but maybe soon)

1) Extract the downloaded stock Firmware
2) Run Odin on PC
3) Click on the PDA button, then load the .tar.md5 file
4) DO NOT check the “Re-partition” checkbox in Odin.

5) Reboot the Galaxy Note2 in Download Mode: Turn it off > (Press Volume Down+Home+Power button) then Press Volume Up when the Warning message appear

6) Connect the phone to PC, using the supplied USB cable
7) Hit “START” button to begin flashing
8) Wait until the flashing finishes (DO NOT ever interrupt the process once already started)

Possible issues after restoring back to stock:
If you get bootloops or just stuck at Samsung splash screen, you can simply fix it via recovery mode.
To enter into recovery mode – Turn it off (Press Volume Up+Home+Power button) Then select “Wipe data/Factory reset”. Reboot your device then it should then boot normally.



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