Monday, November 12, 2012

Orange Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean OTA/Kies Official Update Starts Rolling I9300XXDLJ4

Samsung Galaxy S3 users under Orange network provider will now starts receiving it Android 4.1.1 Jelly bean update. Orange network has been left out in the cold for it suffered the delay of its Jelly Bean.

Other major carrier networks like Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Three and some small networks are the first to enjoy their Samsung Galaxy S3 update to Jelly Bean. Orange fans now is the time to cheer up as well and get that Jelly Bean tweaks to your Galaxy S3 devices. Its a little left behind but still you folks has the update.

I9300XXDLJ4 Jelly Bean Update for Orange Galaxy S3

The orange build number is I9300XXDLJ4, this is the same latest build in United Kingdom and European Regions. We recently spotted that its now starts rolling in Romanian Orange and soon to be reach on all Orange networks users across Europe.

Latest Firmware build: I9300XXDLJ4
Version: Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean
Carrier Operator: Orange Europe
CSC: I9300ORODLJ1 (Romania)
Latest firmware: I9300XXDLJ4/I9300ORODLJ1/I9300BVDLI1/I9300XXDLJ4
Build: 10-31-2012
Release: November 2012
Download: Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 Firmware

You must check it out via your phones setting> Software update to check it out via OTA or plug your S3 into your computer and run Samsung's Kies software to get the update the old-fashioned way.

Advance users may now try this firmware update using the original Orange stock ROM build I9300XXDLJ4_ORO and manually flash it thru Odin.

To those who have updated already, Please share us your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. I contacted Orange UK just a few days ago to try and find out the intended roll-out dates. Their response was 'we have no idea, try Kies'. Their customer service is awful.

    I have no option on my Orange locked SIII to check for a 'Software update' via the settings menu - my understanding is that Orange removed this option?

  2. yes orange remove it cos they say it did not work with there sotfwear which is crap my mate and i both are with orange now my ‘Software update’ via the settings menu went his did not and guess what he got jelly bean 3 weeks ago but as i like you do not have this i have to wait for kies

  3. I've been waiting for jelly bean basically since the phone came out, ive emailed Orange saying im unimpressed, rang them sent them letters, they are absolutely shocking.
    NEVER EVER will i get a contract phone with Orange because its clear they dont care about their customers and there handsets. i find it very funny how if your on the LTE version it was stock as its a more expensive version....
    basically orange you.

  4. I work for Orange & Agree ! as ee is the biggest network we should be the first to release updates. I have voiced my concerns at the lack of info about these firmware upgrades which I think is ridiculous. I as an employee get the same inane response as customers. Kies is the worst sync software i have ever used by the way.

  5. is there any way i caan leave orange and go els wear as we now two updates behind there now rolling out 4.1.2

  6. Why wait? You can install any unbranded or even branded 4.1.2 stock ROM release though. All you have to do is just copy the APN settings of Orange network from your device, then re-configure it after flashing to avoid any data connection issues.
    You can then just flash back Orange 4.1.2 when it arrives.

    If you aren't familiar enough about the capabilities of ROMs either stock ROM (official) or custom ROM (unofficial), just search more.
    Again, once you'll learn about flashing, you will make fun to it.
    There are lot more you can take control of your Android device. It is your own personal property, you bought it and pay it.
    You can do whatever you want, like installing any coolest custom ROMs, Rooting, etc.

  7. iv hear about this but im not that good at that sort of think and i dont want to mess it up lol id need help

  8. I too work for orange. You are better off getting unbranded updates use through odin as as others have said Kies is a huge pile. I have 4.1.2 on my s111 its perfect with no problems. Odin is easy to use just follow the intructions on this page or get someone who knows to help you.

  9. I have an Orange SIII and have updated to 4.1.2 but for some reason can't use mobile data. I have no idea why I have this bug but I factory reset it after having annoying popups saying certain programs had stopped working and the problem began then.
    Please help,