Friday, December 21, 2012

Update O2 Samsung Galaxy S3 to Premium Suite 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Kies Released I9300XXELL4

O2 Samsung Galaxy S3 now also getting an official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update called "Premium Suite" that features a Multi-view function and some new added interesting apps.  O2's update came not too far behind from Vodafone which the first one received the Android 4.1.2 firmware update earlier in Germany, UK, Spain, Ireland and Italy. Some carrier branded Galaxy S3 from Si-mobil  of Slovenia and Swisscom of Switzerland are among the rest also got the said 4.1.2 update. All other major network providers across Europe regions like  T-Mobile, Three, Orange, Carphone Warehouse might get sooner too.
Galaxy S3 I9300 Jelly bean update
O2 Galaxy S3 users from Germany now luckily taste it first, most probably United Kingdom will be next and then the rest of  O2 Galaxy S3 users from each specific Europe countries might follow soon. The firmware build number is I9300XXELL4, this is the same firmware build number release for unbranded Galaxy S3's in UK, Germany, Switzerland and Nordic countries as of now but a quite different build from Vodafone firmware released which is I9300XXELL5.

Software update build I9300XXELL4 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean aka Premium Suite

Device: Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300
Region: Europe
Carrier: O2
Country: Germany
Baseband: I9300XXELL4
Released: December 21, 2012
Download I9300XXELL4 original stock ROM

So, ever you are a proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it happens you're using O2 network then you should check it out via Samsung Kies. An O2 Galaxy S3 user from Germany already receives the update thru Kies but it might also released via OTA (Over The Air), so just check it out both.
O2 Samsung Galaxy S3 4.1.2 Released
For advance users, here's the Stock ROM I9300XXELL4.

Germany - VIA_I9300XXELL4_I9300VIAELK2
United Kingdom -  O2U_I9300XXELL4_I9300O2UELK2
Grab it here: Galaxy S3 I9300 Firmware

You can follow the step by step instruction on how to flash here.


  1. when is it coming for the note 2??? :(

  2. from what i know this "Premium Suite" is just stuff carried over from the Note 2

  3. Yup, your are correct.. but Galaxy S3 users were also dying to experience this stuff.