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Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300XXELLA Android 4.1.2 Official Kies Update and Stock ROM/Firmware List

Here's the list of all official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update released on Samsung Galaxy S3. Besides, the goodies 'Premium Suite' that features the Multi Window function, this is also the important software updates build version that reportedly fixes for the "Exynos Exploit"  and the also known "Sudden Death" for some affected devices. The "I9300XXELLA" was first rolled out in UK's unbranded Samsung Galaxy S3 on January 2nd this year, then followed by other European countries, Asia, Africa and Middle East regions with a different build "I9300XXELLB", "I9300XXELLC" but still posses with the I9300XXELLA Baseband or Modem.

Exynos Bug Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100

I also added the stock ROM for those advance users who currently runs with rooted and unofficial firmware and can't get this update thru Samsung Kies and OTA updates anymore.
So, just check it out if your country is already on the list.

I9300XXELLASpain Galaxy S3 4.1.2 Update
Note: I can't assure you the completeness of this list. So, don't be a bummer to complain here.  I will add more if there are any new updates available.

For those advance users who wants to restore back or update their Samsung Galaxy S3 to original stock firmware you can simply grab the original stock ROM below according to your handsets origin – country and network operator.
All you need is grab the Odin flasher tool and a USB driver for your device.

Odin Flasher Tool For Galaxy S3 GT-I9300

Use the latest Odin flasher tool, since we have received some issues reported using older Odin version, so this is the recommended  version for flashing Jelly Bean Firmware.

Odin3_v3.07 Here

Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 USB Driver

You'll only needed to install this if you don't have the latest Samsung Kies installed on your computer or laptop.
USB Driver Here

Just read our guides on how to restore back your Samsung Galaxy S3 from unofficial ROM to official firmware using the stock ROM - a step by step guide is here.
Disclaimer: Use of the stock firmware is solely at your own risk. We shall not be held responsible if anything happens to your device by using this files. Your phone is not a toy for us, it is your very own personal property.  So, it is up to you to decide on what and how to do about it!

Country | Carrier | PDA | CSC | MODEM | Stock ROM

Updated: This firmware packaged is no longer valid therefore all of the files were removed. 


Australia (unbranded)


Austria (3 Hutchison)
Austria (T-Mobile) - I9300XXELLA_I9300MAXMA1_I9300XXELLA
Baltic (Unbranded)- I9300XXELLA_I9300OXFELL2_I9300XXELLA_SEB
Bosnia and Herzegovina  - I9300XXELLA_I9300OXFELL1_I9300XXELLA_ERO
Bulgaria (Unbranded) - I9300XXELLA_I9300OXFELL1_I9300XXELLA
Bulgaria (VVT) - I9300XXELLA_I9300OXFELL1_I9300XXELLA_BGL
Croatia (unbranded) - I9300XXELLA_I9300OXFELL1_I9300XXELLA_TRA
Croatia (Tele2) - I9300XXELLA _I9300OXFELL1_I9300XXELLA_TWO
Cyprus (Cytamobile) - I9300XXELLA_I9300OXXELL1_I9300XXELLA_CYO
Czech Republic (Vodafone) -I9300XXELLA_I9300VFGELL3_I9300BUELL1_VDC
Czech Republic (T-Mobile) - I9300XXELLA_ I9300TMZLL1_I9300XXELLA
Czech Republic (O2) - I9300XXELLA_I9300O2CELL1_I9300XXELLA
Denmark (3/three) - I9300XXELLA_I9300HTDELL2_I9300XXELLA
France (NRJ) - I9300XXELLC_I9300NRJEMA1_I9300XXELLA
Germany (Vodafone) - I9300XXELLA_I9300VFGELL3_I9300BUELL1_VD2
Germany (T-Mobile) - I9300XXELLA _I9300DTMMA1_I9300XXELLA
Greece (unbranded) - I9300XXELLA_I9300OXXELL1_I9300XXELLA_EUR
Germany (E-Plus) - I9300XXELLA_I9300EPLELL1_I9300XXELLA
Greece (Cosmote) - I9300XXELLA_I9300COSLL1_I9300XXELLA
Hungary (Unbranded) - I9300XXELLA _I9300XFELL1_I9300XXELLA
Hungary (T-Mobile) - I9300XXELLA_I9300TMHELL1_I9300XXELLA
Hungary (VDH) - I9300XXELLC_I9300VDHELK1_I9300XXELLA
Ireland (Vodafone) - I9300XXELLA_I9300VFGELL3 _I9300BUELL1_VDI
Ireland (O2) - I9300XXELLA_I9300O2IELL1_I9300XXELLA
Ireland (3/Three) - I9300XXELLA_I93003IEELL1_I9300XXELLA
Italy (Unbranded) - I9300XXEMA1_I9300ITVEMA1_I9300XXELLA
Italy (Vodafone) - I9300XXELLA_I9300VFGELL3_I9300BUELL1_OMN
Italy (3/Three) - I9300XXELLA_I9300HUIELL2_I9300XXELLA
Luxembourg (unbranded) - I9300XXELLA_I9300OXXELL1_I9300XXELLA_LUX
Macedonia (unbranded) - I9300XXELLA_ I9300OXFELL1_I9300XXELLA_VIM
Montenegro  - I9300XXELLA_I9300OXFELL1_I9300XXELLA_TMT
Poland (unbranded) - I9300XXELLA_I9300OXXELL1_I9300XXELLA_XEO
Poland (PLUS) - I9300XXELLA_I9300PLSELL3 _I9300XXELLA
Portugal (Vodafone) - I9300XXELLA_I9300VFGELL3_I9300BUELL1_TCL
Romania(Vodafone) - I9300XXELLA_I9300VFGELL3_I9300BUELL1_CNX
Romania(Cosmote) - I9300XXELLA_I9300OXFELL1_I9300XXELLA_COA
Serbia (Telekom) - I9300XXELLA_I9300OXFELL1_I9300XXELLA_TSR
Slovenia (Si.mobil) - I9300XXELLA_I9300VFGELL3_I9300XXELLA_SIM
Spain (unbranded) - I9300XXELLC_I9300PHEELL3_I9300XXELLA
South East Europe (unbranded) - I9300XXELLA_I9300OXXELL1_SEE
Sweden (3/Tre) - I9300XXELLC_I9300HTSELL1_I9300XXELLA
Switzerland (Swisscom) - I9300XXELLA_I9300SWCELL3_I9300BUELL1
United Kingdom (unbranded) - I9300XXELLA_I9300OXAELLA_I9300XXELLA
United Kingdom (3/three) - I9300XXELLA_I9300H3GELL1_I9300NELK2
United Kingdom (T-Mobile) - I9300XXELLA_I9300TMUELL1_I9300BVELK1
Ukraine (Kyvstar) - I9300XXELLC_I9300QXEEMA2_I9300XXELLA


Indonesia - I9300XXELLC_I9300OLBEMA1_I9300XXELLA_XSE
Hong Kong  - I9300ZSEMA1_I9300OZSEMA1_I9300ZSEMA1_TGY
Malaysia - I9300XXELMA2 _I9300OLBEMA1_I9300XXELLA
Philippines (Smart) - I9300XXELLC /I9300OLBEMA1 /I9300XXELLA
Philippines (Globe) - I9300XXELLC_I9300OLBEMA1_I9300XXELLA_GLB
Taiwan  - I9300OZSEMA1_I9300ZSEMA1_I9300XXELLA_BRI
Thailand - I9300XXELLC_I9300OLBEMA1_I9300XXELLA_THL
Vietnam - I9300XXELLC _I9300OLBEMA1_I9300XXELLA_XEV

Africa and Middle East

Afghanistan (unbranded) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_AFG
Egypt (unbranded) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_EGY
Iran (unbranded) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_THR
Iraq (unbranded) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_MID
Kenya (unbranded) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_KEN
Libya (unbranded) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_BTC
Mauritania (unbranded) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_MRT
Morocco (MAT) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_MAT
Morocco (MED) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_MED
Morocco (MWD) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_MWD
Morocco (FWD) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_FWD
Nigeria (unbranded) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_ECT
Pakistan (unbranded) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_PAK
Saudi Arabia (unbranded) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_KSA
Saudi Arabia (JED) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_JED
Turkey (unbranded) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_TUR
Tunisia (unbranded) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_TUN
Tunisia (ABS) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_ABS
South Africa (unbranded) - I9300XXELLB_I9300OJVELL3_I9300XXELLA_XFE
United Arab Emirates (unbranded) - I9300XXELLB_I9300XXELLA_XSG
United Arab Emirates (LYS) - I9300XXELLB_I9300XXELLA_LYS

North America

Argentina - I9300UBEMA1_I9300UVOELL1_I9300UBELL_ARO
Brazil - I9300UBEMA1_I9300ZTOEMB1_I9300UBELL1_ZTO
Chile - I9300UBEMA1_I9300CHOEMB1_I9300UBELL1_CHO
Panama - I9300UBEMA1_I9300UWHELL1_I9300UBELL1
Paraguay - I9300UBEMA1_I9300UVOELL1_I9300UBELL1
Peru - I9300UBELL6_I9300TFGELL1_I9300UBELL1
Trinidad and Tobago - I9300UBEMA1_I9300UUBELL1_I9300UBELL1_TTT
Uruguay - I9300UBEMA1_I9300UVOELL1_I9300UBELL1_UPO

If you have anything to add, questions and suggestions are most welcome, just leave some message on the comment form.


  1. Do you know when XXELLA update will be released for unbranded I9300 in Poland?

  2. Possibly this couple of days, it is now actively rolling across Europe regions in phases.

  3. I got i9300UBell1....... 4.1.2 does anybody know if its what I need to fix sudden death issues? ??

  4. You have a "Latin American" carrier branded device there. Yes this is the fix. But I am not so sure that this firmware works on your device because has different Modem build for Europe regions only and a tendency to cause a network connection issues in American regions.

  5. hi,

    Thank you for your very useful information.

    I currently live in France and my s3 (purchased from Amazon France) shows me the following codes :
    AP : I9300XXELLA
    CP : I9300XXELLA
    CSC : I9300DBTELL1

    I do not know if my firmware protects me from the sudden death.

    there is still no update for my s3 (I9300DBTELL1) !?. it would be a German firmware ?.

    kies can not find new firmware for the month of December 2012....

  6. You have the latest update..

  7. oups sorry , I made ​​a mistake when copying and pasting :(, I mixed the data with information from an another S3, mine shows :

    AP : I9300XXELL4
    CP : I9300XXELL4
    CSC : I9300DBTELL1

    I do not know if XELL4 protects me from the sudden death and there has been no further updates since this release ...

  8. hey Mr. i have Galaxy s3 from yes optus...and i'm having problem while downlooading directly from phone and kies...when i tried to download 4.1.2 from gets stuck at 77% i.e exactly at 125.33 mb .. i tried for almost 5-6 times but still facing same please tell me...can i install one firmware that you have..Australia(unbranned) on mine??

  9. You will be having that issue if you're outside Australia.
    Grab the '' official 4.1.2 for Optus Galaxy S3's rather than the unbranded to get rid of any issues from Optus network.
    Anyway, I'm no Mr., just call me DroidAngel.

  10. There is still no officiale release of Jellybean 4.1.2 for South Africa. Which official update would be best for memto use, unbranded south Africa or something else? Thank you!

  11. Please Help Me !!!
    I am using galaxy s3 and it died 10 days ago (sudden death). Now when i connect it to computer kies does not responds to it. So what should I do ? PLeaSE HelP !!!

  12. I have a GT-I9300 Unbranded originally from Hong Kong currently loaded with the latest 4.1.2 Hong Kong (unbranded) – I9300ZSEMB1 /I9300OZSEMB1 /I9300ZSEMB1....can it be loaded with an unbranded version such as the United Kingdom (unbranded) – I9300XXELLA / I9300OXAELLA / I9300XXELLA ? Is there any advantage of using the UK version over the HK version besides doing away with the Chinese options?


  13. Yes, it will still works as long as it has the specific model number GT-I9300.

  14. Are you sure it is SD or just the battery drains dry? I suggest return it back to your dealer.
    Try to press the Download mode buttons, if still shows that, then flash the stock rom.

  15. I don't know if this for unbranded, just check your device CSC code..South Africa 4.1.2

  16. Hi sorry for mistake. There is update for South Africa unbranded version but not an update for Vodacom or other carriers yet. I tried to update either unbranded Africa version but got update failed message repeatedly. ? Thank you!

  17. The page for South Africa's rom seems to be down is there anywhere else where i can download from?

  18. *#1234# gives the following info. Can this phone be flashed with the UK I9300XXELLA / I9300OXAELLA / I9300XXELLA ?

    AP: I9300UBEMA1
    CP: I9300UBELL1
    CSC: I9300UUBELL1

    does it have any modems problems when used in USA//North America?

  19. That's Latin America firmware build, watch out for network issues, if you are still inside Latin America regions. But if you were at Europe, there's nothing to worry about. Latin America and Europe has different Baseband builds.

  20. my GS3 was brought from DUBAI. i am from and in NEPAL. i upgraded my android from ICS to JB 4.1.2. and i rooted my phone. now i want to unrot my phone for the latest JB 4.2 though its not available yet. its going to be soon.


    my device details are:

    AP: I9300XXELLB
    CP: I9300XXELLA
    CSC: I9300OJVELL3

    Baseband version

    Kernal version

    Build number

  21. Hi I've got i9300UBell1 does this version fixes the sudden death bug? And as a Latin america update is the same as the xxella version but with a different term? I just want to be sure that this update is the one that fixes sudden death, thanks in advance.

    Ps. I've got a black saphire s3 16gb - carrier claro - peru

  22. I have the same question. I am from argentina and i bougth the s3 in Chile. Mario

  23. Hi Mario, As far I'm concerned I've been told that this update fixes the sudden death bug so I'm a little bit more quiet, even samsung peru notified its users to update to the lastest version of the firmware via ota or kies.

  24. Hello Michael, I'm from Peru and also thanks for your input, I am calmer for my Galaxy S3 as it also was in doubt between version XELLA / Ubell.
    The website reported SamsungPeru to update the firmware but do not clarify anything about the bugs and if this new firmware corrects him.

  25. I am trying to swap back to Stock ROM as my phone won't pair with any Car Bluetooth system. I have GT-I9300 from Rogers in Canada. I can't find any North American ROMS for it though. What could I use? Thanks DroidAngel!

  26. Did Rogers issued a GT-I9300 which is for international only? It should be SGH-I747M not GT-I9300. Anyway, if it's truly a GT-I9300 and possibly unlocked to use Rogers network, you can use UK's stock ROM which is more stable than other countries.

  27. Hello DroidAngel,

    My Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 International Version "Titanium Gray" (Rooted) and just stuck on Samsung Boot Logo when I tried to install New Fonts. I'm reading everything from developers, blogs, and youtube videos but I couldn't find the right Stock Firmare to make a factory firmware installation with Odin.
    I can't read the details from my phone status but I can provide you the details from the original box:


    Wich Country | Carrier | PDA | CSC | MODEM | Stock ROM I must use to bring my phone back to life.

    Best regards.-

  28. Finding the correct stock ROM: The question is "where did I bought my phone? then from what country I am at".

    Country: ????
    Device: model number/network provider

  29. Dear DroidAngel, I bought my phone last month at online store (Techno Trading House).

    Country of origin: USA
    Device: GT-I9300/Unbranded Network Provider
    Country where I'm at: Latin America (Venezuela)

    The original box got a 12 months Warranty Sticker from Samsung Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    I check with Samsung Kies Software introducing the Model and Serial Number and the application brings this information:

    Initialised version: PDA:LLB / PHONE:LLA / CSC:LL3

    Inside the box comes another sticker with a bar code with this info:


    I'm dowloading this stock firmware: Saudi Arabia (JED) – I9300XXELLB /I9300OJVELL3 /I9300XXELLA but I'll wait for your answer in order to be sure that I'm downloading the right stock firmware.

    Thank's in advance for your support.

  30. Thank you so much for your help DroidAngel!!.

    Before I continue to apply this changes I need your support with a few of questions more and forgive me to be so annoying:

    - My GT-I9300 will continue to be unlocked as I purchase originally or I need to unlocked it?.
    - If I'm moving to UK (Manchester specificly) soon can I use the phone in any network or baseband with the stock firmware that suggested?.
    - You can provide me a link to apply a new root procedure?.

    Best regards.-

  31. You can install any countries stock ROM as you wish. Stock ROMs will do nothing about unlocked or locked devices.

  32. I live in California, and bought a Samsung galaxy S III I9300 from China. Unfortunately they don't accept a return! I think the software has a problem, it is the android 4.1.1, it freezes occasionally, and the keyboard also has a problem, the middle row (A to L) doesn't work with a simple touch, I have to press it very hard a few times to make it type.

    Now I have two questions:
    1- Can I change the software which is the Chine's version to USA or UK version of 4.1.2?
    2- If yes, how can I do that?

    Thanks so much

  33. Yes, as long you have the "GT-I9300" specific model number.

  34. Novice still, and do appreciate all the responses you have given so far...

    I bought a phone off eBay that was originally from Australia and unbranded. It had the local apps for Australia and New Zealand that were totally different then the USA/Europe apps such as Navigation and others.

    The phone arrived with ICS 4.0.4 baseband version I9300XXLE8 Kernel 554452. KIES recognized the phone and updated it to JB 4.1.2 (version unknown, crs).

    I down loaded the UK unbranded rom from above and installed on the phone with ODIN3v3.04. The following is what the phone displays:

    AP: I9300XXELLA
    CP: I9300XXELLA
    CSC: I9300XAELLA

    Baseband version

    Kernal version

    Build number

    When Kies accesses the phone, it reports the firmware is not supported.

    Your device's current firmware version is not supported to update firmware via Kies.


    Is there an explaination that you are aware that might explain why Kies say the the phone isn't supported for update via Kies?

  35. Kies is also checking location/provider, CSC (consumer spicification code).
    example: if I install another countries stock ROM like Germany which I am currently in The UK. Kies will tell me that same message, even I do have the official firmware installed, because Kies will look to my device system info and look for UK'S default firmware builds.

    Now, to fix this issues, I would simply flash back UK's official firmware and then Kies will do the update smoothly.

    Another factor here that some Galaxy S3 users never known it from the start and having issues updating via Kies.
    Like for example if the device was bought as unlocked from any country or any online store. Without users knowledge, that this devices came from another country of origin and has another countries default firmware - that will also gets into trouble in updating.

    Okay, I bought an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 (specific model GT-I9300) from Ebay, Amazon or I traveled from China and I am happy about it. But the problem is I'm in the United States. What do you think might have cause an issue when updating the software?

    Solution: Flash the stock ROM manually. That's how easy it is.
    We are glad to help you, if you have any more questions.

  36. okay so i got my new s3 had it for about a month and one day it wouldnt turn on only the samasung galaxy sign comes up and then it resets back to the sign again and this continues if the battery is not removed or completely empty.

    I have managed to put it in recovery mode and tried the factory reset.. wipe was succesfull when reinstalling some fhm file is not present so it cant do anything. any help?

    now ive found ur tutorial found even my country and the stoock version for it but im trying to install it directly from sd card cuz i cant acess the phone... now its working something but no bar to see the time remaining only androoid processing
    i have used slovenian stock version and have cleared cache before installation from external drive>sd card. hope this can work oh yeah when installing can i plug the phone to charge or it can f up ?

  37. hi. i have an s3 i9305 from singapore and im from the philippines. note that i have the s3 i9305 LTE version. im having service issues. i have very very poor most of the time no reception inside my house which is unusual. my questions are:

    1. can use the globe update to update my i9305?
    2. a) if yes, im a globe subscriber and was wondering if my problem would be fixed by installing the globe update?
    b) if no, can you help me with my problem about having very poor reception? what can i do improve signal reception for my i9305.

  38. yes.. and also don't forget to use Globe APN settings.

  39. I flashed the UK unbranded rom a second time to no avail. Kies still reports not supported with the KOR identified...

  40. Thanks for your guide. I tried to reboot the phone into download mode, however by pressing either up or down of the volume key and the other two keys at the same time, I end up in two different windows which none of them is the download mode. I tried it with my T-mobile galaxy s3 and it works, but when I try it with this China version I9300 it doesn't work. Do you have any suggestions for me?

  41. I am by no means an expert, but it sounds almost like you have purchased a clone of the Samsung S iii. If you go into Setting and About Device, does it list the model as GT-I9300? What is the baseband version? The Kernel version? If you dial *#1234#, what values does it display?

  42. hi
    i bought s3 gt i9300 from china
    as it does not support google play and many inbuilt apps are in chinese language
    can i update it into indian s3

  43. Hi, help me please, I bought mi S3 from an Argentinian dealer, so it had the dealer's firmware "Personal". When I came to Bolivia I wanted to upgrade it, but I couldn't, there was a message: 'This firmware has been modified' or something like that, I want the last Android version, so I downloaded a firmware that aparently resulted for Europe, when the firmware finished the installation, my S3 wouldn't recognize any networks.......did I brick my phone? Or I just have to install the ROM designed for Argentina?? Please help I'm really worried

  44. i live in U S bought s3 from amazon its I9300XXELLA but the build number says I9300XXEMA2...andriod version is i need to worry abt it or not

  45. The "XXELLA" now refers to the baseband version. There is nothing to worry about..

  46. can i use s3 bought from singapore in the philippines??? because im asking my cousin to buy me one in singapore

  47. Yes, make sure that it's already unlocked, or you can find any shop offers you to unlocked it so that you can use any SIM-prepaid modules in the Philippines.

  48. Hi Guys!!! I looking for the galaxy s3 rom firmware from Viaero Wireless, as far as I know is I9300UBELL1 but I think I need another info or data??? could you please help me!!! my phone is soft bricked.

  49. This is what is saw on my detail
    Ap - i9300xxemg4
    Cp- i9300xxemg4
    Csc- I9300oxaemg4
    I don't the understand

  50. You have the newer 4.1.2 update.

  51. I bought a phone in china, by aliexpress, samsung galaxy s3 GT-I9300. It came with the 4.1.9 version of android. The data were then typing * # 1234 # are:

    ap i9300zsemb1

    cp i9300xxella

    csc i9300zsemb1

    The phone has no service. The phone does not connect to the network of Argentina.

    The rest works fine with wifi.

    Has a solution?

  52. Hi

    battery can stop draining?

    Where O2 download UK? or can unbranded dowload? :/

  53. hello im new with this things. my phone is galaxy s3 GT-I9300 android version 4.1.2 and baseband version I9300XXELLA Build No jzo54k.I9300ZSEMK2.
    What s the meaning of it .now im in UK.