Saturday, February 16, 2013

Manually Install Stock L710VPBMA6 OTA 4.1.2 on Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710

Here's a guide on how to manually install the official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean on Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 if the device is rooted or installed with CWM recovery.  This will update the Samsung Galaxy s3 to new Modem or baseband build L710VPBMA6, an update from 4.1.1 L710VPALJ7  (not the leak MA4). So, this process will simply update the rooted Galaxy S3 device  from LJ7 to MA6 because it will not been able to get the update via OTA and it only says your system is up to date whilst even if your still on LJ7.

L710VPBMA6 Sprint Galaxy S3  4.1.2  OTA Update

Disclaimer:  This guide is intended and to be use for advance users only, with such devices that is currently rooted or installed with custom recovery.

Update Sprint Galaxy S3 from Rooted Stock L710VPALJ7 to L710VPBMA6 via SDcard

For Galaxy S3 device now runs with rooted stock LJ7, or even just 100% stock.
1. Grab the OTA Update zip.
Official direct download - link -
Mirror - (credits to ss4rob)
2. Connect the Galaxy S3 into your computer.
3. Copy the downloaded file "" into your Galaxy S3 external SDcard. Again, external memory card not on internal memory which is built in for the phone.
Optional: You can also rename it to "UPDATE" =, if it doesn't work without renaming the file.

4. Disconnect your phone from PC.
5. Put your Galaxy S3 onto "Recovery Mode". Just simply, turn it OFF, then once completely shutdown - Press and hold the Volume Up+Home+Power button.
6. Scroll down to "Update from SDcard", using the Volume keys.
Then select the files
"" or "".

Update Sprint Galaxy S3 from custom recovery to L710VPBMA6

1. Grab the stock recovery from Stock Recovery tar
2. Flash it with Odin3.07 here.
a. Run Odin flasher tool
b. Put the device into download mode Press Volume Down+Home+Power button
c. Connect the device to the computer
d. Click the PDA button, then browse and load the stock recovery .tar file
(make sure the "Re-Partition" checkbox is not being tick in Odin's option.
3. Follow the procedures above updating via SDcard.

Flashing the LJ7 to MA6 Update-Only zip on stock rooted LJ7 with CWM Recovery v6.0.1.2

For devices that runs with stock rooted and with CWM Recovery v6.0.1.2 installed.
Method 1 by
1. Copy Stock LJ7 to MA6 update to external sdcard... It's about 158MB or so. (
2. Shut off phone. Press volume up, power and home button at the same time and go into your CWM Recovery.
3. Install update via your copied update zip file from external sdcard. This takes about three to four minutes to fully run.
4. Once complete, go back and wipe cache directory.
5. Go to Advanced and then wipe the dalvik cache.
6. Choose to reboot phone. CWM will warn you that stock recovery has been chosen, do you want to make sure to ignore that change, keeping CWM. Say yes.
7. CWM will then say that root might be removed, do you want to fix?...say yes.
8. The phone'll see the android is upgrading/optimizing apps and then you're back to your lock screen.
9. It'll take a bit of time...but my SuperSU was still present and accounted for. Wifi tether worked fine (with encryption), root programs worked without issue, all was good to go.

Method 2 by
1. , install Voodoo Rootkeeper from the play store and use it to backup root.
2, use ODIN to reinstall stock recovery.
3. copy the update file to the external storage root directory (note, it has to be fat32 formatted. Seems that stock recovery doesn't read exfat.
4. reboot to stock recovery, install the update.
5. The phone reboots. Restore root using Voodoo Rootkeeper.
6. Re-install TWRP using Goomanager from the play store. (optional).

That's it! You Galaxy S3 will then updated to L710VPBMA6 latest Android 4.1.2  OTA Update.

credits to the folks over at XDA-developer for the methods.


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