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N8010XXUCMA8 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi GT-N8010 Official 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update/Install

N8010XXUCMA8 is the latest official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware update for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi GT-N8010 (not for 3G and WiFi GT-N8000). This update is currently rolled out in Europe and Latin America region. Germany, Argentina, Chile got it first earlier but other countries might get this update soon. We don't have any info of what's new on this update, since Samsung don't provided such information. Upgrading to the latest software on your device will add enhancements like smoother speed, improved functionality and possible fixes for any bug that you experienced before.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8010 latest Software update

Software update: N8010XXUCMA8 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean info

These are the confirmed regions received the software update build N8010XXUCMA8, other regions might follow soon. This is an update from earlier build 4.1.2 N8010XXUCMA5, 4.1.1 N8010XXBLK9 and the 4.0.4 N8010XWALI4, N8010XXALH2 and N8010XXALGC. To check your Galaxy Note 101.1 firmware info thru Settings>> About>> Software info.

Region: Europe
Country: Germany
Carrier: Unbranded, Deutsche Telekom
Baseband/Modem: N8010XXUCMA8
Version: Android 4.1.2 aka Jelly Bean
Released: Feb 2013

Region: Latin America
Country: Argentina, Chile
Carrier: Unbranded, Deutsche Telekom
Baseband/Modem: N8010XXUCMA8
Version: Android 4.1.2 aka Jelly Bean
Released: Feb 2013

Some other countries like China already received the 4.1.2 update "N8010ZCCMA4" other countries may still have the 4.0.4 ICS or 4.1.1 JB for now, but you must wait until this update reaches in your areas sense software updates released in phases and not simultaneously around the world in a single period of time.

So, just better check it by yourself using Kies software installed on your if you are a proud owner of this of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi GT-N8010. If you don't have Kies you can start downloading it here - consumer support galaxy note 10.1 GT-N8010.

How to manually install N8010XXUCMA8 or Update Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi GT-N8010 to Official 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

This method is for those advance users only that wants to upgrade their devices right now and couldn't wait much longer to get the 4.1.2 update. If this is your first time heard about this method, make a careful research first before proceeding. This a developers method called manual flashing using Odin and the original stock firmware 'XXUCMA8' pulled from Samsung Kies server.
Disclaimer: This guide is for advance users only. Use of this guide is solely at your own risk. We shall not be held responsible if anything happens to your devices. Please proceed with extra precautions.

Do Some Preparations:
- Back-up all important data stored from the device and saved it somewhere on your computer.
- Make sure the battery is fully charge.
- Remember the APN settings of your device.
- Enable USB debugging mode via Settings -> Developers option -> USB debugging

Grab the following needed files:

USB Driver

Official Stock ROM:
Germany - DBT_N8010XXUCMA8_N8000OXACMA8
Germany - RBT_N8010XXUCMA8_N8000RBTCMA4
Argentina -ARO_N8010XXUCMA8_N8010UVSCMA2
Added: China - CHN_N8010ZCCMA4_N8010CHNCMA4
These files are no longer available.You may use the updated version.

Odin Flashing Procedure:
1. Install the driver
2. Extract or “unzip” the downloaded firmware in a separate folder of your computer. Use winrar, wizip, 7zip or any de-compressing tool installed in your computer.
3. Run and configure Odin. Do not check the “Re-Partition” checkbox. Leave marked checked on “”Auto-Reboot and “F-Reset Time”.
4. Boot the Galaxy Note 10.1 into “Download Mode”
- Turn it Off
- Press and hold (Volume Down, Home and Power) button at the same time.
- Press Volume Up to continue..
5. Connect the Galaxy Note 10.1 to computer, once it display the downloading screen.
6. Load the tar file on Odin’s PDA button.
- click on PDA button then locate and select the extracted .tar.md5 file

example for Germany stock  ‘N8010XXUCMA8_N8010OXACMA8_N8010XXUCMA8_HOME.tar.md5′ file.
Odin sample only:

7. Hit the “Start” button to begin flashing.
8. Wait until it finishes and Odin displays a word “PASS!”.
9. Once the device reboots, unplug it from PC connection.

Restore the APN settings to get rid of data connection issues.
Change the default language to your own or desired language. English and almost all European languages are available in the text or language settings

Fixing Possible Errors and Failures during Flashing
Set up connection failed
All threads completed (success 0/failed 1)

This is cause by a bad USB connection. Try to reconnect or use other USB cable, check everything – PC USB serial ports.

Stuck at welcome screen or logo
This can be easily fix by factory reset.
- press and hold (Volume Up, Home and Power) button
- navigate down and choose “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” using the volume keys.
- Use Power or Home button to enter choice.
- then select “Reboot System Now”.

If there is anything you can add about this update like new features or bugs you'll noticed, just drop it on our comment form below.


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