Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Verizon Galaxy S3 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean I535VRBMB1 OTA Update Rolls Out

Verizon is now pushing the official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update for Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-I535. The latest baseband version is I535VRBMB1 or JZO54K.I535VRBMB1 as the complete build number. This goes officially rolled out via OTA (Over The Air. Those who have installed the leaked I535VRBMA2 earlier should presume getting this update, since this official released and a way lot better than only a leak build.


Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean (VRBMB1) Features and Enhancements

Samsung Galaxy S III Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce a new software update, SW Version
JZO54K.I535VRBMB1, for your Samsung Galaxy S® III. This update includes an upgrade
to the Android Operating 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean).
Verizon Wireless and Samsung encourage you to download this update.


  • Keyboard Predictive Text feature has been improved

  • User can take pictures while on a call

  • Manual refresh button has been added to lock screen stock ticker

  • Email syncing has been improved

  • Bluetooth® performance has been improved

  • VZ Navigator and Amazon have been added to stub applications

For step-by-step instructions on how to perform
the download, please visit

Our impression: The I535VRBMB1 is not that much adds-up or make a  full major changes to the Galaxy S3. The Bluetooth enhancement might just get updated the OEM driver to current.  The Amazon is just another added bloatware for us but way better for those who loves shopping online.  Well, anyway just check this update and tell us your impression about how this new 4.1.2 Jelly bean performs.

source: Verizon PDF


  1. Hi. great news, but wanted to firstly know if this 4.1.2 (or even the 4.1.1) Jelly Bean comes with an option to Create New APNs. I'm currently outside the States and would like to know whether to install since I can't access the internet with my S3 unless via Wi-Fi, a response and/or help in solving this issue will be much appreciated, thank you in advance!

  2. Hi. wanted to know if this one (or the 4.1.1) comes with the option to create new APNs. outside the States currently and I'm having problems accessing the web unless via Wi-Fi. any help will be much appreciated, thank you!

  3. You can try APN Manager Pro from Play store for that.
    You must first root your device and install custom recovery before everything else.
    - From Google Play store install the following apps if you do not have them: APN Manager Pro (81 Square), Phone Info, Titanium Backup Pro.
    - Turn off phone, pull out battery and put in micro SIM from your foreign country.
    - Use Phone Info app to change preferred network type "Global" or "Gsm only" (click on Device Information and scroll down to the first box to change). Some have reported that other choices were needed for their providers, so you may have to experiment.
    - Reboot phone. You should have the SIM card working for phone calls.
    - In Titanium Backup Pro, go to Backup/Restore, find and “long select” APN Manager Pro, and then select “Convert to system app”.
    - Open APN Manager Pro, select Insert APN, and input the data needed from your desired service provider.
    - Reboot phone. You should have the SIM card working for phone and data.
    - Remove notification "NON-VERIZON SIM" :
    Using Titanium Backup, delete(uninstall) or freeze an app called Setup wizard 1.0 (its icon is a red check mark with a magic wand) and that should remove the notification

  4. okay, will do that. thanks for the reply and sorry about the double-post, the first didn't show during and until after posting the second. will let you know what happens when I go through with it. thanks!

  5. okay, so it worked!!! i already had ClockWork Mod Recovery, APN Manager PRO and Phone Info pre-installed to get my calls working, so skipped the first three paragraphs and all that was left was Titanium(AMAZING software!), followed your steps...and voila, teh intehnet! :D

    although, doing the second bit to remove the Verizon nag by freezing Setup Wizard tends to crash my "Phone" app when i attempt a call, so i restored and ignored it(maybe if i remove it completely with Titanium it wouldn't cause this but don't really mind). right now, what I'd like to do is upgrade to this latest Jelly Bean. when i try to check for update, it keeps telling me to "check later when network is available". I'm guessing it's because my phone is rooted?

    anyway, guessing if not too tedious a task to ask of, you'll help me with workaround instructions to get it done. either way, I really really appreciate your help and again, thanks so much, you're awesome! :)

  6. okay, will do. thanks once more!!!!! :)

  7. sooo...SUCCESS!!! just finished with personalization. experience is so far so good. GRATEFUL for your help, THANK YOU!!!!! :D

  8. This update is horrible. My battery takes forever to charge now!!

  9. You can still revert back to previous Android version that works perfectly on your device anytime you want.
    We have covered Kies/OTA updates of the SCH-i535.

  10. yup, i concur with Katrina. i sometimes had to leave it overnight and take it out in the mornings when i woke up for work! after a while, it returned to normal.i still like it though, but my only problem is that i don't have the multi-tasking functionality that JellyBean comes with. wondering if you could give me some insight as to why? :)