Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How to Downgrade Verizon Galaxy S4 SCH-I545 from I545VRUFNG6 to I545VRUFNC5, a fix on random reboot problem

If you already receive the new 4.4.2 update on your Verizon Galaxy S4 I545 dubbed with firmware build number KOT49H.I545VRUFNG6 but then now suffered a random reboots just like these folks reported here . Then maybe you might think of downgrading back from previous Android 4.4.2 build I545VRUFNC5 to resolve the constant reboot every once in while when you use your phone even making calls.

The I545VRUFNG6 update has a lot of new stuff included to it. Either one of the apps that might have caused the constant reboot problem or maybe not. Who knows?.  As reports says its unstable yet, but Samsung and Verizon already knows it as there are many folks out there reported the issues earlier after the rolled out began on October 10th 2014. We did not even cover the update yet as we have seen some folks started reporting the problem.
Samsung Changes

  • Added new feature Kids Mode (stub in Widget tray)

  • Added Side Sync call forwarding framework (no visible icon/setting on phone)

  • Side Sync app can be downloaded from Google Play Store

  • Updated to KNOX2.0 from KNOX1.0 for enterprise support

VZW Changes

  • MVD (My Verizon Diagnostics): VzW’s new way for customer support representatives to be able to retrieve and configure information/settings from customer devices in order to diagnose and troubleshoot problems with a customer's device.


  • Apply’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons display in Home Screen Mode

Issues Resolved

  • Keyboard experiences a smoother transition when removed from the desktop dock station

Improvements to the following apps or services

  • Softcard (formerly ISIS wallet)

  • My Verizon Diagnostics (MVD)

  • Knox 2.0 for enterprise support

  • Side Sync Call Forwarding Framework

  • Kids Mode stub (in Widget Tray)

  • Parental control capability to manage phone usage

However, downgrading the phone's OS is not actually the best solution in any way and I do not recommended it most of the time, but as long as there is a problem on new update we cannot stand out of it then we have no other choice but we need to keep our phone back into a usable status.  So this method could be a temporary solution until the fix update will arrive as soon as possible, hoping that it must be very soon as it is urgently needed.

You can follow this guide if you want to and its up to you.  In fact there are folks at XDA-developers already done downgrading to I545VRUFNC5. So again if you wish to get rid that frustrating random reboot on your Galaxy S4, then maybe you should try downgrading back to the previous 4.4.2 I545VRUFNC5.

In addition, the downgrade process will not trip the KNOX security counter flag and will stay at "0x0" state when using the original firmware build I545VRUFNC5 .  But then again, use of this guide is solely at your own risk, I am not encouraging everyone to do this, as this method only covers for and used by advanced users.  -- Follow the guide here.

Please do not forget that this downgrade method only covers the from I545VRUFNG6 to I545VRUFNC5. Do not use this method on any future OTA updates that usually comes with another firmware build numbers.


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