Monday, April 27, 2015

Install N900PVPUEOC5 Official Lollipop Sprint Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900P Stock Firmware

Here’s the N900PVPUEOC5 stock firmware for Sprint Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900P. The latter is the official Android 5.0 Lollipop update to the previous Android 4.4.4 KitKat N900PVPUDNK4. The N900PVPUEOC5 Lollipop update brings major changes to the device as it comes with a handful of new features like the new User Interface design,Priority mode, Battery saving,Smart Lock, System stability and many more improvements.

This N900PVPUEOC5 stock firmware is a Odin flashable package and only for those advanced users that might need to restore and return back their rooted and modified Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900P to a 100% pure stock official Android 5.0 Lollipop.  The stock firmware also a handful firmware package that  resolves and fix soft-bricks if one has messed-up from tweaking their Sprint Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900P and ended-up into bootloops and just stuck at Samsung logo.

Technical Details of N900PVPUEOC5

N900PVPUEOC5 Sprint Galaxy Note 3 Lollipop
Device name: Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Model number:  SM-N900P
Android version: 5.0 (Lollipop OS)
Baseband version: N900PVPUEOC5
Kernel version: 3.4.0-4453878
Build number: LRX21V.N900PVPUEOC5
other info:
Build date: February 28, 2015
Release date:  April 9, 2015

The N900PVPUEOC5 stock ROM below was directly pulled during the official OTA update released in April but was just being repacked it into a flashable file. It remained untouched and stays official Android 5.0 Lollipop at is was the once released via OTA update.

Disclaimer: This method is used by Android developers and advanced users only. If ever this is your first time heard about this procedure, please make a careful research first before proceeding. We shall not be held any responsibility if anything happens to your device upon using this guide. Proceed at your own risk!

Warning! This stock ROM is only compatible for Sprint Galaxy Note 3  with SM-N900P specific model only. Do not ever try to use this firmware to other US Samsung Galaxy Note 3 variants.

Download N900PVPUEOC5 Stock ROM/Firmware:

Full single tarball – N900PVPUEOC5_N900PSPTEOC5_N900PVPUEOC5_HOME.tar (link)


Before you proceed prepare these necessary things as follows so you will not screw-up your phone:

• Create a back-up all your personal data, like: Contacts, Messages, Applications, Pictures and Videos, so that you will not lost it just in-case something might went wrong after the update.
• Make sure that your Galaxy Note 3 battery is fully charged to ensure stability and to get rid pf power failure issues while updating.
• Close all softwares, such as KIES suite, Antivirus, firewalls, to prevent the possible conflict.
• Prepare a personal computer or laptop with Windows OS.
• Enable USB debugging mode if you are having issues connecting your device to the computer try to enable the this option. In your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, go to Settings>> About device>> then look for the firmware “Build number” and then tap that build number for around 7-times. Then hit back to Settings>> Developer option>> Enable USB.
• TURN OFF the Reactivation Lock – Got Settings>>Security>>Reactivation Lock and then uncheck the Turn Reactivation lock on. This is only needed if you already turned-it-ON, from which you cannot modify the system when it’s turned-ON.

How to:

Odin downloader – look for Odin3_v3.09 here
USB Driver – drivers are here (only needed if you haven’t installed Kies)

1) Download the firmware packages and ensure that you have installed the USB drivers first.
2) Run Odin3_v3.09 flasher program. DO NOT touch the default options such as check-marked boxes “Auto-Reboot” and “F-Reset Time” while leaving the “Re-Partition” unchecked.

3) Reboot the Galaxy Note 3 into Download Mode: Turn it Off first. Then press and hold the Volume Down, HOME and Power ON button at the same time). You will then presented into a “Warning Message” screen, just press the Volume Up to continue. Once the Android robot and a “Downloading” message appears.

4) Connect the USB data cable from Phone to PC. The ID:COM box will turn to a bluish color when the phone is properly connected and recognized with Odin.

5) Load the stock firmware on each designated slots.

For single-packed stock firmware only:  Just click on the AP button then select and load the single N900PVPUEOC5 stock firmware packed.



6) Lastly, tick the ‘START’ button when all is set and ready to begin flashing.

Do not disconnect nor do anything when the phone is already in flash mode. You’ll messed up the phone if you accidentally interfere the installation. Wait until a word “PASS” appears on the left side of the Odin screen, it is an indication that the installation successfully completes. (If you get failed errors, check the USB connection condition, repeat the whole process)
Wait until the phone completely reboots, then unplug it from PC.

Do full wipe data factory reset again just right after flashing. This is only optional just in-case you’ll want to get rid of lag issues after flashing. Press and hold Volume Up+ Home+Power button, then select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset, to gain a fresh firmware installed.


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